Will 40K Bring Chariots to Spaaaace!

July 4, 2012 by dracs

Those of you who have managed to get your hands on the latest 40K rules may have noticed that there has been some significant changes made. One of the most surprising is the addition of rules for a new type of vehicle. Chariots!

Chariots of the Gods

No, this is not something from Chariots of the Gods or Ancient Aliens. If you would like to turn to open up your shiny new rule book.

Chariots are personal war machines for high-ranking characters who prefer to survey the battlefield from a lofty perch. They differ from other transports in that they can only carry a single passenger – a character – referred to hereafter as the rider. –  Warhammer 40,000, (Nottingham: Games Workshop, 2012), Page 82

This got us thinking, who might be using chariots in the 41st millennium?

Jokaero Tracked(Jokaero Tracked from Beasts of War MiniRama by infojunkie)

After trawling through the existing rulebooks we only came across one mention of a chariot, the Primarch Vulkan’s Obsidian Chariot, found in the background for Vulkan He’stan on page 93 0f the Space Marine Codex.

Forgefather Vulkan He'stan(ForgeFather Vulkan He’stan from Deviant Art by laundryhamper)

This led to much speculation as to whether or not this might indicate that the Salamnders could be getting their own army book, or maybe Vulkan will receive an update, having found this hidden arcane item of his Primarch’s.

Another possible candidate for getting chariots is of course the Chaos Daemons.

Herald on Chariot(Herald on Chariot from Dakka Dakka by 9mmmastermind)

These guys have more than enough gribbly creatures to be pulling chariots and with rules for chariots already found in the Fantasy army book it takes no great stretch of the imagination to see them crossing over to 40K.

One final possibility is of course the Space Wolves.

Space Wolf Cavalry(Custom Space Wolf Cavalry from Deviant Art by OOHellsingOO)

It is quite easy to picture a Space Wolf commander howling from the back of a chariot drawn by massive wolves.

Of course with rules for the chariots working as skimmers as well as normal ground vehicles we could be seeing quite a wide variety of such methods of transport on the fields of 40K soon.

What are your thoughts on the addition of chariots to 40K? Can you think of some designs for various races?