Feel The Heat With New Forge World Salamanders Pyroclasts!

March 29, 2014 by brennon

Forge World have gone and done it again. See what you think of these absolutely awesome looking Salamander Pyroclasts that I reckon might just be a new favourite. A mate of mine has already gone a bit crazy over them…

Salamander Pyroclasts

Now those are some awesome looking soldiers. I think the underslung weapons and the overall look and feel of their armour is very archaic and fits into the theme that I’ve come to expect from the fire-wreathed Salamanders.

Pyroclast #1

Pyroclast #2

Pyroclast #3

Close up they are even more impressive and I like the sword that this last chap has as an alternative weapon. The blade is exotic looking and cruel and mixes in well with the dragon-like feel of the army.

So will you be starting an army of Salamanders?