Forge World Fire Up New Flyers For Warhammer 40,000

September 30, 2017 by brennon

Forge World is taking to the skies with a flyer that is no doubt meant for combat, and another which might take a bit of a beating if it should find itself being shot at. Firstly, the Legio Custodes Orion Assault Dropship.


This is one High Sci-Fi looking and indeed very swish Dropship for you to add into your games. Shown here in the gold and deep crimson of the Legio Custodes it is used to drop the Emperor’s Talons right into the thick of combat.


It comes armed with an Arachnus heavy blaze cannon and Lastrum bolt cannon meaning that you will be able to turn whatever infantry stands between you and objective into slag and bloody ribbons before they know what has hit them.

I think the overall design of the ship is very good but as I say, it’s very much a different vehicle than we’re used to for Warhammer 40,000. A lot of the Imperial vehicles are blocky affairs whilst this is decidedly sleeker and actually, has curves!

Imperial Arvus Lighter

When I talk about Imperial engineering this is more what I had in mind.


The Arvus is the typical way that goods and such would be ferried around worlds and between ships and the planet surface. It is blocky, looks like it would get blown up at a moments notice, and has no way to really defend itself. Perfect for giving to a section of Astra Militarum soldiers then?


It is cool to see that the actual interior of the cockpit for the hapless pilot has been detailed and I think a lot of purists are going to enjoy painting every angle of this piece before dropping it into a hectic battle.

What do you think about these new flyers?

"I think the overall design of the ship is very good but as I say, it's very much a different vehicle than we're used to for Warhammer 40,000..."