Greenwich Village GW’s Orks Sail Off In An Awesome Conversion!

June 13, 2014 by dracs

We all love to see people getting creative with their conversions, and today I stumbled across this fantastic Ork vehicle made by the guys at Greenwich Village Games Workshop for 2010′s Games Day.


This humongous ship is named the Waaaghsa, a massive Ork war machine that trundles along on its tank tracks, bringing destruction with its multitude of looted guns and even delivering a nuke with the assistance of its small Failboat.

Waaaghsa Painted

The Waaghsa

The Waaaghsa was apparently made using two baneblades, four stompas, various other sprues, bits from Imperial Guard vehicles, and lots of Killa Kan boxes. All of which go together to make the ultimate Orky machine of death.

Of course, Greenwich Village GW aren’t the only ones who have made some fantastic Ork conversions. We checked back in with Games Workshop Manchester, the guys behind the fantastic Mega Mek we were showing off earlier in the week, to find that now their Orks have taken to the skies in their awesome Funda-Ork!

Funda-Ork Scale



This looks like another one of those occasions where, against all physical probability, they have somehow achieved flight. This Funda-Ork is a fantastic conversion, covered in rusty plates and bristling with weaponry. It’s not so much a fighter jet as a flying fortress!

If you happen to be in New York, why not stop by the Greenwich Village GW and check out the mighty Waaaghsa? Or if you’re in the UK, head over to GW Manchester (central) to see the Funda-Ork. Be sure to tell them Beasts of War sent you.