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Necron Shopping Spree Competition is Now Closed


Thanks for all your entries guys. The judges are deliberating and the lucky winner will be announced on January 1st 2012… just in time for the sales!!!

Speed Painting your New Necron Army


We asked our Romain… how you could paint a horde of Necrons in a week?

Easy he said! Check out his fantastic Necron speed painting class


The End is Here!!! Farewell to Necron Week


… and so it is, we bid farewell to another themed week here at Beasts of War… now we’re all off to plot the next themed event with which to delight fans of tabletop gaming.

Nercron Character Breakdown: Orikan the Diviner


The guys take a look at another Necron character. This time it’s Orikan the Diviner.

New Necron Model: Catacomb Command Barge/Annihilation Barge


Darrell opens the box on the Necron Command Barge and its alternate build, the Annihilation Barge.

Necron HQ Breakdown: Necron Overlord & Royal Court


Warren and Darrell discuss the main HQ choice from the new Necron Codex… the Overlord and his Royal Court…

Necrons Codex: A Mega Reading!


Warren pays tribute to Games Workshop who have paid tribute to Beasts of War.

Necron Character Breakdown: Nemesor & Obyron


Warren and Darrell discuss the deadly duo from the new Necron Codex… Nemesor & Obyron.

The Fast Attack Section: Swift Death to your Enemies!


Darrell and Warren their favourite section of the new Necron Codex… the Fast Attack!

Necron Character Breakdown: Anrakyr the Traveller


The guys discuss Anrakyr the Traveller, one of the few new Necron Overlords to come out of their long sleep with his mind in intact… but what do you guys make of him?