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Coven Throne & Mortis Engine Unboxed in HD


Darrell takes a look at the sinister Coven Throne and Mortis Engine kit… but what does he think of the new undead war engine?

Vampire Counts: 2400pts Competition Army List


Andy and Darrell have distilled the cheese from the Vampire Counts Army Book and propose a 2400pt Army List suitable for taking to your next competition.

Vampire Counts 1600pt Starter Army


Andy and Darrell put together a cool army list to get you started with the Vampire Counts… one that hopefully won’t break the bank!

Painting the Vampire Counts Mortis Engine from Buy Painted


Jaroslaw from Buy Painted, takes us through the steps to painting the cool new Vampire Counts Mortis Engine.


How to Paint Blood & Gore


Romain shows us how to add some sinister blood and gore effects to our zombie horde!

Blood Knights & More! Rare Units of the Vampire Counts


Darrell and Andy take a look at the Rare Units from the Vampire Counts Army Book… what unspeakable horror await them within?

Lore of Vampires, Vampiric Powers and Magical Items


Darrell and Andy take a look at the brand new Lore of Vampires, Vampiric Powers and the Magical items in the new Vampire Counts Army Book… will there be any that take their interest.

Painting the Coven Throne from Buy Painted


Jaroslaw from Buy Painted shows us how he goes about painting the wicked new Coven Throne for the Vampire Counts.

Theming your Vampire Counts Army

Theming your Vampire Counts Army


We asked our resident Vampire Counts plogger Tinracer to give us some of his thoughts on making a themed Vampire Counts Army… why not see what he has to say?


The Vargeists and Crypt Horrors Creep from the Tomb!


Darrell unboxes the latest plastic Vargeist and Crypt Horror kit. Brand new for Vampire Counts Week.