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New Fantasy & Historical Soft Plastic Characters Arrive From Warhansa

64 days ago 6

Warhansa doesn’t just work in resin as they have also been dabbling with soft plastic too. Leading the way for a raft of new releases we have these ‘toy soldiers’ with the Warrior & Assassin.

Defend The Dwarven Ale From Warhansa’s Goblins

66 days ago 3

Warhansa brings us another selection of Fantasy goodies to pick up this week and I had to feature it since it was all about Dwarven ale!

Some Wild Orc Boys Coming In January 2017 From Warhansa

129 days ago 4

Warhansa is going to be bringing the green tide to the tabletop in the new year with some Orc Boys featuring as part of their collection for January.

Warhansa Tinker Away On New Robomech Designs

179 days ago 12

Warhansa has been showing off some additional work going into their upcoming Robomechs. The range is pretty big now but this gives you a glimpse of what’s coming in the future.

Warhansa’s Lumbering Ogre Coming Soon

199 days ago 2

Warhansa has previewed an Ogre which will be coming to their Fantasy range. The image makes him look like he’s about to knock that Dwarf on the head!

Suit Up In Mighty Terra Promessa Mechs From Warhansa

217 days ago 16

Since big battling mechs seem to be a big hit here on Beasts Of War you might want to check out Warhansa’s Terra Promessa collection and some of their new additions just waiting for a new pilot.

Warhansa Lead Orcs Into Battle With New Warlord & Shaman

280 days ago 7

Warhansa don’t just do a Dark Age models. They have also stepped into the world of Fantasy and have both an Orc Warlord and Shaman that you could use to lead your greenskin force…

Warhansa Head To Battle Alongside Eastern Warriors & Berserkers

337 days ago 1

Warhansa have now added some more warriors to their Dark Age selection over on their webstore. First up we’re taking a look at some new Eastern European Warriors armed with hand weapons and shields…

Are You Not Entertained? New Gladiators Soon From Warhansa

398 days ago 0

Warhansa are looking towards the sands of the arena with their upcoming releases. Here you can see two of their Gladiators – Secutor & Retiarius.

Battle This New Monstrous Troll From Warhansa

405 days ago 3

Warhansa have a rather dangerous looking 28mm monster for you to battle against in your Viking Age games. You could drop this chap into your games of SAGA to tell a real story from around the fires of the mead hall…

Warhansa Grow Their Dark Age Range With New Warlords

417 days ago 4

Warhansa have added to their Medieval & SAGA range with some new warlord characters. As well as their Hero Set they also have the Shieldmaiden – Female Warlord who will be leading the charge into battle…

New Modern Adventurers Lock & Load With Warhansa

441 days ago 4

Adding some new characters to their Modern Adventurers collection we have two new sets from Warhansa. If you like the idea of special operations troopers or simply someone to survive in the apocalypse then see what you think of these sets, both Set Four and Set Two…

Defend The Steppes With Warhansa’s 54mm Mongolian Warrior

499 days ago 3

Warhansa have added another Historical figure to their webstore but this one’s not in 28mm. Instead they’ve gone for the painters choice for their 54mm Mongolian Warrior complete with sword, bow and arrows ready to defend the Steppes.

Warhansa Work For The Highest Bidder With New Mercs

547 days ago 7

If you’re looking for a range of different Modern Adventurers or possibly Mercenaries on the pay-roll of a Corporation then see what you think of the new models from Warhansa…