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The Corinthians Get Previewed For The World Of Warheads

1403 days ago 1

Warheads says hello to a new faction in its upcoming Warheads spin off featuring the heroes of Ancient Greece.

Painted Renders & A Spartan Future For Warheads

1410 days ago 2

Warheads shows off more previews from both their Medieval and Ancient games.

Warheads Go Ancient With Their Greek Myths & Legends

1417 days ago 3

Warheads go all ancient and preview their Warheads: Greek Myths line!

The Undead Take Over Warheads: Medieval Tales

1458 days ago Comments Off

Check out an awesome Undead Champion threatening to take over Warheads: Medieval Tales.

A Skeletal Preview Of Warheads: Medieval Tales Issue Five

1469 days ago 1

Check out this next preview from Warheads: Medieval Tales…

Issue 5 of Warheads: Medieval Tales Is On The Way!

1481 days ago Comments Off

Check out the previews of Issue 5 of Warheads!

Warheads Medieval Tales Leaps to Your Mobile!

1733 days ago 6

Are you looking for something to pass the time until your next wargame? Well Warheads, the table top game of cartoony medieval warfare, is now coming to your mobile!

Warheads Medieval Tales

Warheads: Medieval Tales… What is it?

1965 days ago 9

I’ve had this for a while and I can tell you guys it’s a great little game… but what’s it all about?