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Panzer VIII Maus Released Friday For Warlord’s Bolt Action!

3 days ago 9

Coming on Friday from Warlord Games we will get to see the Panzer VIII Maus become a reality in Bolt Action. This vehicle will be available in VERY limited numbers.

Konflikt ’47 Welcomes Soviet, German & British Weird World War Units

8 days ago 18

Warlord Games has now released three new sets for the Soviets, Germans and British in Konflikt ’47. Kicking things off we have my favourites, the Soviet Ursus Infantry.

Napoleonic Plastic British Cavalry Ride Out Soon From Warlord

9 days ago 10

New plastic British Cavalry is riding into the world of Black Powder soon from Warlord Games. There will be two new sets…

Antares Rising: Target Priority & Threat Assessment Tactics

Antares Rising: Target Priority & Threat Assessment Tactics

11 days ago 3

One of the most important things to consider
in Beyond The Gates Of Antares is threat
assessment and target priority.

Antares Rising XLBS: Reaction Tactics

11 days ago 1

Another good skill to have in Beyond The Gates Of Antares is to know when and how to react to the enemy.

Konflikt ’47 Unboxing: US Mudskipper Jump Walker

12 days ago 8

We’re checking out some Konflikt ’47 today as we unbox the US Mudskipper Jump Walker from Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin.

Snap Up Doctor Who Christmas Special Miniatures From Warlord

31 days ago 5

Warlord Games is on the ball as they have already begun taking pre-orders for some special miniatures from the Doctor Who Christmas episode for this year. Take a look at The Return Of Doctor Mysterio!

Konflikt ’47 Gets Some British ‘Bots In The New Year From Warlord

32 days ago 17

Konflikt ’47 will be getting plenty of new reinforcements in the new year from Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin including these British AMP Robots.

Weekender XLBS: Christmas Hobby Time Plans & A Yeti Mystery!

Weekender XLBS: Christmas Hobby Time Plans & A Yeti Mystery!

35 days ago 96

Join us for a nice relaxed morning
(or whenever you hope to be watching!)
of XLBS with us. It’s time to dive into
some great hobby discussion and more…

The Japanese Armour Up For Warlord’s Konflikt ’47

38 days ago 18

It’s not just the Soviets and the British clambering into their armour for Konflikt ’47. The Japanese have now joined the war thanks to Warlord Games and they’re looking good!

Good Grud, Warlord Games Acquire Rights To 2000 AD Comics!

38 days ago 22

Warlord Games have announced that they have obtained the license to produce a series of miniature games based on the popular British anthology comic book series 2000 AD.

Armoured Algoryn Infantry On The Way For Antares Next Year

39 days ago 12

Warlord Games let us take a sneaky peek at what’s ahead for Beyond The Gates Of Antares next year. The Algoryn are going to get their Armoured Infantry boxed set sporting a neat collection of miniatures.

Antares Rising: Tactical Options with Drones

Antares Rising: Tactical Options With Drones

39 days ago 3

Today we’re joined by Rich from Warlord Games to show us how to use Drones from certain factions within Beyond The Gates of Antares.

Antares Rising XLBS: Countering Drone Activity With An EMP!

39 days ago 4

With the mass range of capabilities available for various Beyond The Gates Of Antares Drones around the battlefield, they can be tricky to deal with however that’s what we’re going to discuss in this Backstage show.

New Armour Arrives For Konflikt ’47 With A Cromwell & T34!

41 days ago 9

If you like your World War II armour but you want to take it to the next level then you can check out the new Cromwell-T and T-34/ZP for the British and the Soviets in Warlord’s Konflikt ’47.