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Build German Blitz or Maultier with Warlord Games New Kit for Bolt Action

4 days ago 7

Warlord Games have a new German hard plastic kit for Bolt Action that can be built as an Opel Blitz truck or Opel Maultier half-track.

The P-40E Tomahawk Soars Into Battle From Warlord Games

10 days ago 6

Warlord Games has been showing off one of the new planes that will be popping up in your games of Bolt Action, ready to do a strafing run and send your troops running for cover.

New Resurgence Supplement Coming To Konflikt ’47

11 days ago 4

A new supplement is coming to Konflikt ’47 thanks to Warlord Games and Clockwork Goblin. Resurgence sees the Japanese making their presence known in this Weird World War.

Warlord Games Add Papuan Infantry Battalion to Pacific Theatre

12 days ago 5

Warlord release specialist scouting and stealthy reconnaissance troops for Bolt Action.

Bolt Action Unboxing: Mk III Armadillo

13 days ago 5

Prepare to roll out with John and Gianna as we take a look at the MK III Armadillo for Bolt Action from Warlord Games.

The Bolt Action Australian Army Goes Jungle Fighting

17 days ago 6

Warlord Games has been delving into the jungle with their latest set of releases which bring the Australian Army to the fore in Bolt Action.

Warlord Build Operation Sea Lion Bundles For Your Campaigns

21 days ago 2

Warlord Games has put together some Operation Sea Lion Bundles for you to help bring together an army to either defend Britain or invade it as the Germans in this alternative take on World War II.

Warlord & Sarissa Put Together New Gates Of Antares Ghar Terrain

31 days ago 5

Warlord Games and Sarissa Precision put together quite the collection of Ghar Terrain for your games of Beyond The Gates Of Antares.

Warlord Games Get Demoing Blood Red Skies

32 days ago 5

Over on their Facebook Page for the game Warlord Games got stuck into some demos of Blood Red Skies with the rest of their team.

Head To New Guinea With Warlord’s Next Bolt Action Supplement

32 days ago 4

Warlord Games are venturing off into the wilds of New Guinea with their next campaign supplement for Bolt Action.

Warlord’s Royal Navy Get Ready To Teach The Axis A Lesson

34 days ago 5

One of the new metal boxes that popped up over the weekend from Warlord Games was the Royal Navy Section containing ten metal miniatures for Bolt Action.

Weekender: Mythic Battles Pantheon Catch-Up + A Summer Of Infinity Ahead!

Weekender: Mythic Battles Pantheon Catch-Up + A Summer Of Infinity Ahead!

37 days ago 72

See what lies ahead for Infinity & Mythic Battles: Pantheon this year…

Warlord Reveal New Sea Devils & Vashta Nerada For Doctor Who

40 days ago 3

Warlord Games are expanding their collection of miniatures for Doctor Who and the miniatures game with two new sets of monsters for The Doctor to face off against.

The Landsknechts Form Up In Regiments From Warlord Games

41 days ago 9

We saw previews of these a couple of weeks ago but we now have new plastic Landsknecht Soldiers massing from Warlord Games, ready to aid your armies in Pike & Shotte.

Bolt Action Unboxing: British LDV Section

41 days ago 7

This week John and Gianna take a look at the British LDV Section for Bolt Action from Warlord Games.