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An Army Of Samurai Appear To Pre-Order For Pike & Shotte


Warlord have a new Pike & Shotte army up for pre-order, a force of samurai ready to take to the field.

Warlord Preview Upcoming Panzer 38(T) Zug Kit Coming Soon


A new Panzer kit is on the way from Warlord Games soon. This time they’re adding the Panzer 38(T) into the mix for your games of Bolt Action.

The Ninjas of Iga Slip From The Shadows Of Warlord Games


Warlord Games have released a new set of metal minis to carry out stealthy assassinations in Test of Honour. These are the Ninjas of Iga.

A Saxon Invasion In Hail Caesar From Warlord Games


A huge release of 28mm Saxon minis from Warlord Games

The Boromite Hauler Offloads Troops In Gates Of Antares From Warlord Games


A new way to get your troops where you need them

Warlord Games Take Aim With The Marder III Ausf. H Tank Destroyer


Blow your competitions armour away with this hard hitter

Ninja And Samurai Clash In Test Of Honour’s Dojo Assault


Warlord Games have put the Dojo Assault set for Test of Honour up for pre-order.

The Char B1 Bis Tank For Bolt Action Faces The Blitzkrieg


Warlord Games have released a new kit for the French Char B1 bis heavy tank for Bolt Action

New Doctors Journey Through Space & Time With Warlord Games


Warlord Games are having more fun as they travel Into The Time Vortex as they expand their collection of Doctors for the Doctor Who Miniatures range with some new sets.

Warlord Add Firepower To German Armies With New PaK 40


Available over on their webstore for those looking to expand on their German army in Bolt Action, the folks from Warlord Games have rolled out the PaK 40 auf RSO.

Warlord And Sarissa Paint It Rack


Keeping your paints and brushes organised can be quite a chore, so Warlord Games and Sarissa have released some new racks to keep your collection tidy.

Warlord Games Join The Hukk In Their Gates Of Antares Bounty Hunting


Warlord Games are going to be hunting down the criminals of the galaxy with their new Bounty Hunter, the Hükk.

Warlord Show Off Draconians & Vervoids For Doctor Who


Delving into the archives for more Doctor Who monsters to face off against, Warlord Games has two new previews for you as they look at the Draconians and the Vervoids.

Check Out Warlord Games’ Waffen-SS Camo Tutorial – What Do You Do?


Warlord Games have shown off their own tutorial for creating the Waffen-SS Camo Pattern that we’ve been seeing John try his had at Backstage this week.

Bolt Action Gets New Soviet HQ In Winter Theme


New Winter Soviet options for Bolt Action are now available.

Weekender XLBS: John's Next WWII Project + Win One Of Our Essen SPIEL Games

Weekender XLBS: John’s Next WWII Project + Win One Of Our Essen SPIEL Games


What’s in Az’s MASSIVE box??

Bolt Action Unboxing: Tetrarch Light Tank


This week on Tank Chat: Did you know tanks can fly?

Bolt Action Unboxing: King Tiger Zug


Hold onto your Tankfahrerhut – John has got his hands on a big tank!

The Bolt Action Battle For Berlin Box Is On The Horizon


Warlord Games are going to be taking the fighting into the streets of Berlin with their new big box coming very soon. Will you be controlling the Soviets or the Germans in the Battle For Berlin?

Weekender XLBS: Making A Games Workshop & WizKids Baby

Weekender XLBS: Making A Games Workshop & WizKids Baby


Grab a towel because we’re about
to give birth to another XLBS!