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Warlord Preview The Tetraps For Doctor Who Into The Time Vortex

1 day ago 6

Warlord Games has previewed another of the aliens coming to their world of Doctor Who and Into The Time Vortex, their miniatures game.

Warlord Games Fight For Russia With The Daughters Of The Motherland

3 days ago 16

Warlord Games has put together a pair of new releases for Konflikt ’47 this weekend looking at some support for the Soviets and the Germans. Firstly we have the Daughters Of The Motherland.

New Models & Bolt Action Offensive Event Tickets Available!

5 days ago 2

Warlord Games has given us a bit of a sneak peek at what lies ahead for Bolt Action but firstly they have an event coming up on March 11th and there are a few tickets left for the Bolt Action Offensive.

Warlord & Sarissa Join Forces To Build A Gates Of Antares Mining Facility

6 days ago 8

We’ve seen terrain for the Algoryn from Warlord Games and Sarissa Precision but now they’re moving on to create some terrain for the Boromites of Beyond The Gates Of Antares with this Mining Facility.

Samurai Goodness! Pre-Orders For Warlord’s Test Of Honour Begin

8 days ago 20

You can get stuck into the world of Test Of Honour soon as the new samurai skirmish game from Warlord Games is up for pre-order over on their webstore right now.

Lead From The Front With Warlord’s New Plastic IS-2 Soviet Tank

17 days ago 14

The Soviets of Bolt Action get some heavy duty support this weekend with the release of a new plastic kit from Warlord Games for the IS-2 Heavy Tank.

Embrace The Winter With New Bolt Action Americans By Warlord

20 days ago 10

Since we’re still in the grips of the cold weather here in the UK it makes sense that we’d be seeing some more Winter US Soldiers for use in Bolt Action from Warlord Games.

Gates of Antares Unboxing: Ghar High Commander

21 days ago 10

Today we’re unboxing the Ghar High Commander Karg from Beyond the Gates of Antares by Warlord Games.

Weekender XLBS: Hoards Of Historical Hobby & Roko's Basilisk Melts Minds

Weekender XLBS: Hoards Of Historical Hobby & Roko’s Basilisk Melts Minds

23 days ago 179

We’re getting stuck into some chatter about where
we stand on the Historical front when it comes to
tabletop gaming and some of the projects
that might feature for use here at BoW.

Grab A Malborough’s Wars Starter Army From Warlord Games

24 days ago 7

Building on the extensive period of History that Black Powder covers, Warlord Games has put together a new Starter Army for you. You can now pick up a Malborough Wars 1701-1714 Army packed with models.

Warlord Previews Test Of Honour Samurai Miniatures Game

25 days ago 11

While we’re getting stuck into the Dark Age we also want to remind Lloyd that Samurai exist! Well, Warlord Games seems to be in the same boat as they previewed Test Of Honour today.

The Type-6 Kei-hokousensha Will Soon Stomp Into Konflikt ’47

27 days ago 15

The Japanese are not to be outdone when it comes to battling in Warlord Games’ & Clockwork Goblin’s Konflikt ’47 as they prepare the Type-6 Kei-hokousensha for battle!

US Reinforcements & A Soviet Walker Jump Into Konflikt ’47

29 days ago 7

If you’re a fan of Warlord Games’ & Clockwork Goblin’s Konflikt ’47 then you’ll want to check out what popped up over the weekend as part of their growing range.

Weekender XLBS: What Historical Battles Should We Play & Box A Or Box B?

Weekender XLBS: What Historical Battles Should We Play & Box A Or Box B?

30 days ago 199

We dive into some Historical awesomeness
in today’s Weekender XLBS and much more
as we uncover how a Rorke’s Drift Battle
played out last weekend.

We Fight the Battle of Rorke's Drift

We Re-Fight The Battle Of Rorke’s Drift

31 days ago 31

As it was the Anniversary of Rorke’s Drift last weekend we couldn’t resist having a go at the battle ourselves with the help of community member avernos.