New Historical Soldiers & Diorama from Warlord Games

January 23, 2012 by brennon

Some new models from Warlord Games to keep you on your Historical Gaming toes. Check out these new additions below…

Macedonian Phalangites

Macedonian Phalangites #2

And for your Anglo-Zulu fix, maybe inspired by our latest un-boxing of Rourke’s Drift…

Anglo-Zulu Mounted Natal Carbineers

Anglo-Zulu British Soldiers

Anglo-Zulu British Mounted Police

Pike and Shotte Surgeon

Pike and Shotte Surgeon WIP

Not bad looking stuff, and the Surgeon Diorama is interesting enough to provide a bit of a painting opportunity. Warlord are very good at tempting you into getting a Historical collection going!

What do you make of this mix of new releases?