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Familiar Faces & A New Shocktrooper Officer Ready For Warmachine Duty

4 days ago 4

Some old friends and a new face join the tabletop battles of Warmachine by Privateer Press.

New Command Book Art Previewed For Privateer’s Warmachine & Hordes

8 days ago 12

With the Rulebook out and people getting stuck into their army boxes for Warmachine & Hordes the next step is to bring the Command Books to life from Privateer Press.

WhiteMoonDreams Battle It Out In Livestreamed Warmachine Game

10 days ago 0

The WhiteMoonDreams team, makers of Warmachine: Tactics, are leaving the digital world behind for a night as they get stuck into a Livestreamed Warmachine Game to see who is the true champion of MK III in the office.

Warmachine Unboxing: Cygnar Starter Set

Warmachine Unboxing: Cygnar Starter Set

13 days ago 12

Today the double J duo are opening up some Warmachine from Privateer Press, with the release of Mark III we have the new Cygnar Starter Set.

Pick Up Some Tweaked Warcasters For Privateer’s Warmachine

15 days ago 13

If you’re looking to add some new Warcasters to your collection from Privateer Press then how about some of these that have gone through a bit of a tinker and a tweak for Warmachine.

The Black River Irregulars Join The Adventures In Undercity

16 days ago 3

A new expansion is on the way for The Undercity, Privateer Press’ board game take on the Iron Kingdoms. Black River Irregulars adds new heroes into the mix.

Community Spotlight: Ancient Trees, Sleek Sci-Fi Soldiers & A Reliable Reliant

Community Spotlight: Ancient Trees, Sleek Sci-Fi Soldiers & A Reliable Reliant

17 days ago 19

Let’s see what marvellous creations you folks have been bringing to life in the forums!


Warmachine Unboxing: Two Player Battle Box – Cygnar vs Cryx

20 days ago 15

Today we’re opening up the Mark III Warmachine Two Player Battle box from Privateer Press.

Privateer Press Locates More Gen Con Exclusive Miniatures!

24 days ago 2

If you were one of the unlucky few who were unable to attend Gen Con this year and are a fan of Warmachine from Privateer Press there is hope for you yet to get your hands on their exclusive Warcasters.

3 Colours Up - Painting Blue Marble

3 Colours Up: Painting Blue Marble

25 days ago 16

Today Romain is sculpting out a marble sheild for us.

Weekender XLBS: Rules Or Fluff, What Should Come First In Game Design?

Weekender XLBS: Rules Or Fluff, What Should Come First In Game Design?

36 days ago 81

Find out what we and the community
have been painting and give us
your thoughts on Fluff & Rules
in game design…

Crossroads Of Courage Warmachine & Hordes Narrative League Arrives

41 days ago 7

If you’re not quite as competitive and ‘min-max’ focused as some of your other Warmahordes buddies you could always try your hand at Privateer Press’ Crossroads of Courage Narrative League.

Wrap Your Minds Around Some New Warmachine & Hordes Previews

44 days ago 10

As we were trawling through social media we wandered upon some more previews of what’s coming for Warmachine & Hordes.

Battle Alongside Cryx’s New Captain Aiakos in Warmachine

56 days ago 10

Continuing a look at what’s ahead for Warmachine by Privateer Press they also shown off some amazing artwork and the new model for Captain Aiakos.

Bloody Buccaneers & MORE Characters Coming To Warmachine

57 days ago 17

Battle forth with new Warcasters and a brew-lovin’ Buccaneer as Privateer Press show off new models.