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Warmachine: What Keeps Me Coming Back?

2 days ago 64

What brings you back to your favourite game? Bintykins talks us through what brings her back to Warmachine and Hordes time and time again. Find out inside and let us know what drags you in again and again!

Talking Tactics In Warmachine – Where To Begin?

9 days ago 24

Warmahordes is one of those games where your choice of tactics can mean the life or death of your Warcaster/Warlock from the very beginning of the game. With a tough set of tips to get your head around where is the best place to start?

My First Wargame – Diving Into The World Of Warmachine

16 days ago 39

It’s a big thing diving into the world of hobbyists and gaming but community member bintykins has done just that with Warmachine! Find out how she came to be addicted to all things Warmahordes within!

New Plastic Black Dragons For Warmachine Coming Soon

16 days ago 9

New Black Dragons & Iron Fang Pikemen are marching out to support Khador in plastic soon from Privateer Press for Warmachine.

Retribution Of Scyrah Up Next For Warmachine All In One Army Box!

17 days ago 8

A brand new All In One Army Box is on the cards for the Retribution of Scyrah as they are next to get the bumper box treatment! Will you be picking up more elves for Warmachine?

Warmachine Reckoning Cover Shows Off Dragon Battling Zerkova!

18 days ago 21

Big characters and even bigger Warjacks do battle against the armies of Cryx in this epic last stand that is Reckoning for Warmachine. What are you most looking forward to in this book?

Privateer Press Bring Ruin, Revenants & A Mighty Cryx Army To Warmachine

24 days ago 26

The world of Immoren grows more deadly by the day with the addition of the big Cryx All In One Army Box alongside some redone undead sailors and the mighty Ruin for the forces of Khador.

Give Warmachine Tactics a Go with its Free Demo

35 days ago 3

If you’ve been considering picking up Warmachine Tactics, the turn based strategy game based in the Privateer Press’ Iron Kingdoms, but want to give it a try first, you’re in luck as a free demo is now available to download.

SmogCon 2015 Cover

SmogCon 2015 – Live Blog!

37 days ago 14

Today our intrepid editor Ben @brennon will be live blogging the happenings at SmogCon 2015, with interviews and sneak peaks, to tide us over until tonight’s much anticipated Keynote (Hordes Baby!!!)

Unboxing: Warmachine Cygnar Dynamo Heavy Warjack

39 days ago 8

For this unboxing we’re looking at the Dynamo from Privateer Press’ Warmachine, a Heavy Warjack for the Cygnar faction with a heavy duty firestorm lighting cannon.

TempleCon 2015 Coverage – Catch Up On The Iron Gauntlet Here!

48 days ago 0

If you missed out on the big matches from the Iron Gauntlet on Saturday then we’ve collected them here for you to watch by Privateer Press. Take a peek at some of the games that went on and watch them in full!

Privateer Press Celebrate TempleCon By Bringing Con Exclusives Online!

50 days ago 9

Privateer Press have decided to celebrate this weekend’s TempleCon with those of us who can’t attend by releasing their much sought range of convention exclusive miniatures out onto the webstore for a limited release!

TempleCon 2015 Coverage – Privateer Press Keynote Summary!

51 days ago 7

As you might already have guessed from the great big banner on the top of the site we’ll be covering TempleCon by hosting Privateer Press’ Live Feed on both Friday the 6th and Saturday the 7th. There’s going to be plenty of awesome things to check out so keep a beady eye on the site over the weekend…

Cygnar & Trollbloods All In One Army Boxes Pop Up Online!

67 days ago 15

Check out not one but two new All-In-One Army Boxes for Warmachine and Hordes thanks to Privateer Press! Cygnar or Trollbloods? Which would you choose?

Become a Bloodweaver in Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

68 days ago 7

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed lets gamers role play in the most savage parts of Privateer Press’ fantasy world, taking on brutal careers that allow you to draw strength from what you kill. Privateer Press recently gave us the lowdown on one of the most bloodthirsty; the beautiful, barbaric Bloodweavers!