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Cygnar & Trollbloods All In One Army Boxes Pop Up Online!

10 days ago 15

Check out not one but two new All-In-One Army Boxes for Warmachine and Hordes thanks to Privateer Press! Cygnar or Trollbloods? Which would you choose?

Become a Bloodweaver in Iron Kingdoms Unleashed

10 days ago 7

Iron Kingdoms Unleashed lets gamers role play in the most savage parts of Privateer Press’ fantasy world, taking on brutal careers that allow you to draw strength from what you kill. Privateer Press recently gave us the lowdown on one of the most bloodthirsty; the beautiful, barbaric Bloodweavers!

The Devil’s Shadow Mutineers Grace The Seas Of Warmachine

15 days ago 10

Warmachine is graced by a trio of awesome looking miniatures for the Mercenary faction! See what you think of The Devil’s Shadow Mutineers!

Ruin Warjack Joins The Ranks Of Khador For Warmachine

18 days ago 16

Warmachine is graced by another character Warjack this week in the form of Ruin for the forces of Khador. What do you think of this deadly machine?

New Steamroller Document Ready From Privateer Press

18 days ago 1

Privateer Press has made the new Steamroller update available for gamers. Check out the latest updates for tournament formats for Warmachine and Hordes.

The Quick & Deadly Moros Joins The Retribution Of Scyrah!

19 days ago 9

See what you think of the Moros, an additional character Myrmidon coming to the world of Warmachine and the Retribution of Scyrah.

Weekender: Warhammer Rumours & Terminator Minis This Summer!

Weekender: Warhammer Rumours & Terminator Minis This Summer!

21 days ago 90

It’s been quite a wild
start to 2015 with a
whole bunch of
announcements and
plenty of rumours
flying around.

What better time
to start off the
first proper episode
of The Weekender!

Have Your Say On What’s Next For Warmachine Tactics

22 days ago 4

With the successful addition of more units and features to the game Warmachine Tactics the company behind it are looking for your input on future decisions.

Warmachine and Hordes All in One Army Sets Start Your New Army

Warmachine and Hordes All in One Army Sets Start Your New Army

23 days ago 36

Warmachine Kossite Woodsmen Get Ready For War

44 days ago 6

The Kossite Woodsmen get repacked for Warmachine into a full unit soon. I really do like these sculpts and just wish they’d make a few more individuals!

Watch The Warmachine Using Terrain Tutorial!

51 days ago 1

You’ve seen How to Play and now it’s time to learn about terrain in the world of Warmachine. Hopefully this tutorial video will keep you in the know when it comes to your tabletop landscape.

Learn How To Play Warmachine With Privateer Press!

56 days ago 10

Been wondering on whether or not you want to play Warmachine? Privateer Press have put together an extensive How to Play Tutorial Video for you to check out featuring the forces from the Two Player Battle Box!

Grab Alternate Heroic Warcaster Sculpts For Warmachine

81 days ago 3

While the Warmachine Weekend is over you can still get your hands on two webstore exclusive miniatures in the form of Commander Dalin Sturgis and his fallen form that took the path of Cryx!

A Convergence Battle Engine Powers Up For Warmachine!

85 days ago 8

See how the new Battle Engine for the Convergence of Cyriss is shaping up as Privateer Press show off the mighty contraption to be released soon!

Extreme Warjacks & Heroes Galore For Warmachine!

86 days ago 5

Some Extreme Warjacks and a whole host of characters come back to the tabletop for Privateer Press’ Hordes!