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Weekender XLBS: Skulls Galore In Age Of Sigmar & Homebrew World Of Tanks Rules

Weekender XLBS: Skulls Galore In Age Of Sigmar & Homebrew World Of Tanks Rules

1 day ago 90

Join us on this wonderful
Sunday about all things
hobby related. We’ve been
tinkering away on
different projects and
got surprised at new
Warmachine plastics!

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Unboxing: New Hard Plastic Reliant & Stormclad!

5 days ago 21

We had a bit of a surprise here in the studio today when Justin and John unboxed the Reliant and Stormclad Warjacks from Cygnar in Warmachine and found out that Privateer Press had taken a HUGE step in offering up the components in a different way…

Grab The Hordes & Warmachine Rules For Free

10 days ago 13

The rules for both Hordes and Warmachine are Now Free from Privateer Press. Copies of the core rules are available for both versions of their game with the faction specific books still available to buy online…

Send In Ace For Some Warmachine Special Ops

12 days ago 6

Privateer Press, in addition to all those new Horde miniatures, have also added a new Character Light Warjack to their collection for Warmachine. Cygnar are getting the rather well named ‘Ace’…

Weekender: Team Yankee & The Bolt Action Summer Offensive

Weekender: Team Yankee & The Bolt Action Summer Offensive

23 days ago 123

Learn The Rules Of The Undercity With Privateer Press

34 days ago 6

Privateer Press are going to be bringing The Undercity along with them to Gen Con this year for demos. Above is a gameplay tutorial showing you how to begin playing the game and some of the basics and you can find a copy of the full rules to download HERE too.

Deneghra The Soul Weaver Swoops Into Warmachine

45 days ago 14

Privateer Press have delved deep into their Fantastical world of Warmachine and a new terror now haunts the land of Immoren with Deneghra the Soul Weaver. See what you think of her new epic warcaster model…

3 Colours Up: How To Paint Glow Effects & Super Detailing

46 days ago 16

Romain finishes up the work on his Convergence Heavy Vector for Warmachine. In this final part he will be showing you how to get the most out of Glow Effects and also adding those great finishing touches with a mix of airbrush techniques and pinpoint brush work.

The Warmachine Swamp Gobbers Go River Raiding

47 days ago 7

Privateer Press have gone raiding upon the river with some Swamp Gobbers that hit their website as upcoming miniatures for Warmachine over last weekend. See what you think of these character miniatures below…

Soul Trappers & Mind Benders Come To Warmachine

52 days ago 6

The Cephalyx are getting the mind warping Cognifex Cyphon and Cryx will be hunting for your very essence with the Soul Trappers from Privateer Press for Warmachine.

3 Colours Up: Air Brushing Non-Metallic Metals

54 days ago 11

With the Convergence Heavy Vector for Warmachine now built and magnetised by Romain he settles down to show off an easy way to add Non-Metallic Metals to the model.

3 Colours Up: Magnetising Your Convergence Heavy Vector

60 days ago 11

Romain helps add some customisation to his epic Convergence Heavy Vector for Warmachine and shows off how to magnetise it for a pair of options in the box.

A Bad Moon Is Rising For New Iron Kingdoms Adventure!

60 days ago 0

Something bad is going down out in the wilds of Immoren with this new adventure for the Iron Kingdoms Role-Playing Game by Privateer Press. Bad Room Rising is their latest adventure now available through DriveThru RPG.

VLOG: Homemade Star Wars Podracing!

61 days ago 26

Midweek VLOG time! Lloyd and the guys have been thinking about what they want to do with that fancy Desert Table. How does Podracing sound?

Unboxing: Warmachine – Khador Ruin Heavy Warjack

68 days ago 8

John has been adding to his Khador army for Warmachine and has picked up a doozy; the mace wielding character Heavy Warjack Ruin.