Captain Damiano… new from Privateer Press

June 8, 2011 by beerogre

Have a look at the new mercenary commander for Warmachine

Here’s what Privateer Press have to say about it:

Captain Amador Damiano fights for glory, fame, honor, and the certainty that he will in time become a living legend. His Steelheads march in perfect lines and display a unity and responsiveness on the battlefield equal to or surpassing the infantry of any army in western Immoren. Damiano sees himself as much more than a mercenary captain; each contract he takes is not simply a paycheck, it is another conquest, another chance to show the world he is a battle commander without equal.

I’m mercenaries player, so this is another model I’ll just have to have. I just hope there’s a new Steelhead Halberdiers on the horizon… the old ones are ‘orrible to put together…

BoW Andy