Complete Your Convergence Collection With Token Sets

July 27, 2013 by brennon

Privateer Press are helping you complete that entire Convergence of Cyriss collection with a Token Set to make sure you continue the look and style throughout all of your accessories.

Convergence Token Set

As you can see they are all done in the shiny bright blue that we’ve come to expect from the Convergence and they look pretty stylish too. I imagine many new collectors will be adding this to their bag of extras for the faction.

12 Focus Tokens
6 Faction Tokens
5 Spell Tokens
4 Upkeep Spell Tokens
2 Shield Wall Tokens
3 Variable Tokens
4 Flare Tokens
2 Beacon Tokens
4 Knockdown Tokens
3 Dug In Tokens
3 Soul Tokens
2 Token Stands

…that’s quite a few bits and pieces. I have one question though. Do you end up running out of these when you’re playing and buy another one just to add to it?

Let me know!

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