Crossroads Of Courage Warmachine & Hordes Narrative League Arrives

August 16, 2016 by brennon

If you’re not quite as competitive and ‘min-max’ focused as some of your other Warmahordes buddies you could always try your hand at Privateer Press’ Crossroads of Courage Narrative League which enables you to tell a story as you play through your games…

Crossroads Of Courage (Art)

If you’re interested in the story behind all of this naturally the Privateer Press team have put together a great story which you can read HERE. You can also follow through on all of the Core Rules and Special Rules and get your head wrapped around how it all works.

Crossroads Of Courage Items

One of the big things you’ll get are these Holden Cards and Coins of Fate. As well as this each scenario that you play out might feature special individual characters that you’ll be supporting or trying to stop.

“Each season there are two different participation prizes available. Holden Cards, and Coins of Fate. All participants receive their Holden Cards at the beginning of the league, as they are used throughout the league for any player wishing to play Holden in their games (and thereby shape his fate).

The Coins of Fate are given to all players who participate in the league start to finish, and each Coin has a special feature in the following season of Crossroads.”

In the first Season of this Narrative League we’re seeing some interesting achievements being part of the mix too which focus on your painting of particular models or completion of certain scenarios.

Interestingly the first scenario is called Snow Blind and has your band of warriors and Warjacks/Warbeasts getting stuck in a blizzard. The second has one player trying to protect Ol’ Jeb while another is trying to kill him!

Let us know what you think of this as an alternative format for growing your warband.

Drop your thoughts below…

"In the first Season of this Narrative League we're seeing some interesting achievements being part of the mix too..."