Cryx Unleash Bloodthirsty Bane Riders Onto The Battlefield

November 14, 2013 by brennon

Hordes isn’t the only game from Privateer Press that is getting some love today. Cryx and Warmachine are also seeing some new models on the way with the deadly looking Bane Riders charging onto the battlefield.

Bane Riders

“Bane riders are chosen from among the most vicious and spiteful of bane spirits, their minds intact enough to be given positions of prominence among the armies of the Dragonfather. Astride their undead mounts, these malicious thralls can become wraith-like to move through trees and buildings until the moment they strike with their bane blades to cut down enemies their leader has marked with unholy curses.”

Now those are some good looking riders. I have had a problem, like most of you, with the horses from Privateer Press in the past but these ones actually look pretty epic. Again you can see that they have duped the models though, despite them changing the angle to appear like they aren’t.

They might be plastic but it appears like they go together in a very definitive way. Not always a bad thing if you are interested in just getting them onto the table but it’s always nice to have a bit of customisation.

What do you think?