Cygnar Draft in Some Heavy Warjack Reinforcements

May 9, 2012 by brennon

Some super heavy Warjacks from the world of Warmachine by Privateer Press are on the horizon. Check out these monstrous warriors of steam and iron for the Cygnar Faction…

Avenger Heavy Warjack

Centurion Heavy Warjack

Hammersmith Heavy Warjack

These Warjacks are looking the part. The Hammersmith, Centurion and Avenger certainly seem like they could do a lot of damage on the battlefield. So if you’re a Cygnar collector then I bet these will be working their way into your horde sooner or later. My favourite has to be the Hammersmith though, mainly because it reminds me of the Golems of Angorrak from Dragon Age…

Will you be adding these to your warband?