Elves, Machines & The Undead Get Warmachine Updates!

October 14, 2013 by brennon

Privateer Press have a whole load of surprise additions to your Warmachine forces. This lot all popped up over the weekend and there is something for Retribution, Convergence of Cyriss and Cryx.

Houseguard Thane

Houseguard Riflemen

First up we have the additions for Retribution in the Houseguard Thane and the big unit of Houseguard Riflemen too. I have to say that this is actually a unit of Elves that I could very happily pick up and get painting! I haven’t liked much of the Retribution line but I like this lot with their rifles and although once again there are a whole bunch of duplicate sculpts the ones that are there aren’t bad.

Elimination Servitors


Convergence are learning that E is the letter of the day thanks to the Elimination Servitors and the Eradicators swinging their awesome shields around with those hidden blades within them. They remind me so much of the Golden Army from Hellboy and I think they would look amazing painted up in that way too!

Bane Thralls

Rounding things off we have these deadly looking Bane Thralls that have been bought to us in plastic. Cryx has always been a source of much fear for me thanks to one of their warcasters (the name escapes me!) doing some horrible stuff to my Khador list not long ago. Either way this should be a welcome addition to any Cryx force and the models have a very neat ethereal quality to them.

What will you be adding?