The Hyperion Colossal Roars into Life for Warmachine

July 13, 2012 by brennon

All you Retribution of Scyrah players who were waiting patiently for your Colossal from Privateer Press will only have to keep biting your nails for a little while longer. Check out a preview of the mighty Warmachine below…

Retribution of Scyrah - Hyperion Colossal

A fairly mighty looking beast. How do you reckon this is going to compare when it goes up against the other Colossals of the game?

Khador - Demolisher

Khador - Devastator

Khador - Spriggan

Khador are also bulking up their forces to deal with the onslaught of Colossals. On top of the variety of warjacks that you see above there is also a set of infantry that will be dodging around them trying to get to the heart of the enemy.

Khador - Assault Kommandos

But all of this so obviously fails in comparison to the next model. Why take Khador and Scyrah when you could head to the Mercenaries and get a Rhulic warcaster called General Ossrum onto your side!

Mercenary Rhulic Warcaster - General Ossrum

A great model not simply for being a Dwarf. I love the angry snarl on his face and in an interesting twist with Warmachine Dwarves, no beards! Loads of detail here to be getting stuck into as a painter.

So what appeals to you from these previews?