Trencher Themed Force & More Battle On In Warmachine

September 22, 2017 by brennon

Delve into the world of Warmachine once more with the Cygnar forces and their Trenchers as they get themselves a Themed Force from Privateer Press which looks awesome.

Trencher Theme Force

The force comes with a huge bunch of awesome new Trencher models and collectors together plenty of solos and such as well to give you a stalwart backbone for your force. This can then be combined with the Starter Box for Cygnar and you’ll have a tough and gruff thirty-five point army.

These Trenchers are supported by more Long Gunners

Trencher Long Gunners

…and the Patrol Dog, which you can see up in the Trencher force as well. But, why have one cute war pooch when you could have two at your side in battle right?

Patrol Dog

Cygnar really has caught the focus of the releases which are coming out in Mid to Late October but there’s also a threat rising from a different corner of Immoren as well. That’s where the Cryx come in and their new take on some Warjacks for your army to bring into battle.

Cryxian Warfare

These new Warjack models are the same as those on the cards you’ll have been looking at already but give you a neat updated look for your force. They break down as the Slayer & Erebus



…as well as the Corruptor and Reaper.



The selection of new sculpts look rather awesome and I think they were a small, subtle, but needed upgrade which makes the Cryxian forces all the more interesting to play on the tabletop. Oh, and I nearly forgot about Malice too!


So, if you’re a fan of Cryx or Cygnar then you have plenty of interesting new options for you to throw into the mix. In particular, I think that the Trencher Themed Force is the key new release coming your way.

Will you be picking these up?

"This can then be combined with the Starter Box for Cygnar and you'll have a tough and gruff thirty-five point army..."