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Weekender XLBS: Hobby Spaces & Win Batman Rulebook (Joker Edition)

Weekender XLBS: Hobby Spaces & Win Batman Rulebook (Joker Edition)

621 days ago 318

By commenting on this video
here on Beasts of War you
could be in with a chance
of winning a Batman
Miniatures Game
Rulebook from
Knight Models!

One Big Sci-Fi Terrain Set Coming Soon From Warmill!

644 days ago 10

Warmill get you salivating over the latest clutch of preview photos for a range of terrain coming your way that would be perfect for the likes of Sci-Fi or Near Future gaming.

Warmill Power Up Their Heavy Industries Mech!

812 days ago 2

Power up the Mechs for some serious robotic combat thanks to Warmill. What do you make of this laser wielding powerhouse?

WarMill Expand their Superb Terrain Collection

1611 days ago 7

WarMill Gaming Accessories have a mass of new terrain coming to a board near you.