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Tunnel Dwelling Vehicles Added To The Veer-Myn Army Of Warpath


Some quirky looking tunnel dwelling vehicles have been thrown into the mix for the Veer-Myn as part of Warpath by Mantic Games.

Let's Play: Warpath - Operation Heracles Advanced Tactics

Let’s Play: Warpath – Operation Heracles Advanced Tactics

Let's Play: Warpath - Operation Hercules

Let’s Play: Warpath – Operation Heracles

Weekender XLBS: Animal Adventuring & Board Gamers Becoming Wargamers

Weekender XLBS: Animal Adventuring & Board Gamers Becoming Wargamers


Sit back and relax with us for
Weekender XLBS where we delve
into some of our hobbies and talk
more about what’s coming
for the tabletop world.

Big Vehicles Hit The Webstore For Mantic Games’ Warpath


Mantic Games are beefing up the armies for Warpath with some great new vehicles on their webstore as part of the pre-orders before a release later this year.

Bring In Reserve Forces For The Enforcers & Forge Fathers Of Warpath


If you’ve already considered picking up one of the big army sets then you might want to also take a look at these Reserve Forces for the Enforcers and Forge Fathers.

Mantic’s Free Rules For Warpath Now Available To Download


If you’re interested in the world of Warpath by Mantic Games but want to try it out first then you can now download the Free Rules and test it with some models ahead of time.


Weekender: Mantic’s Warpath Renewed & Kicking Off Guild Ball Week!


We’ve got some mega-prizes for you this weekend as we talk Guild Ball and Mantic’s Warpath…

Get Started In Mantic’s Warpath With New Starter Sets


If the Sci-Fi world of Mantic’s Warpath is getting you excited then you’ll want an army to command. Thankfully there are four Starter Force sets that you can snap up as pre-orders.

Walking Dead & Warpath Bundles Coming To AdeptiCon From Mantic


AdeptiCon is but a day away and as a last minute update make sure to go and check out what Mantic Games are doing as they have some great deals for those of you who like The Walking Dead: All Out War and Warpath!

Warpath Up For Pre-Order From Mantic


Mantic Games is now taking pre-orders for Warpath with a new set to get you started in the world.

Mantic Share Their December Releases For Dungeon Saga & Warpath


Mantic Games has put together a look at what’s coming for December. Dungeon Saga bits and pieces join forces with some neat books for those interested in the Sci-Fi side of things too.

First Releases For The Warpath Universe Appear From Mantic Games


Unit collections for your games set in the Warpath Universe have now been added to the Mantic games webstore for you to enjoy!

Download Veer-Myn & Asterian Dossiers For Warpath


Mantic Games have put together two new Dossiers for you to use in your planning for the future of Warpath as you test your way towards launch. The newest ones include the Veer-Myn and the Asterians…

Mantic’s Battlezones Are Getting Industrial With A New Set!


Mantic are adding to the terrain you can use within your games of Deadzone and Warpath. Here we have the Industrial District which comes with a fantastic set of different terrain pieces as well as pipes!

Pre-Orders For Deadzone 2nd Edition Fire Up From Mantic


Pre-Orders for the 2nd Edition of Deadzone have begun with Mantic Games allowing you to enter their Sci-Fi world at the head of an Enforcer or Forge Father army.

Teasers For The Future Of Deadzone Pop Up Online


It appears as if we’re getting a few teasers for the future of Mantic Games’ Deadzone floating around on the internet…

Dropships & Mutated Plague Beasts Coming To Mantic’s Warpath


Some new models have popped up as previews for Mantic’s Warpath Kickstarter. It seems like the Plague have fattened up after Christmas and the swell of their stomachs still hasn’t gone down even as we near the beginning of February! Welcome the Plague Busters…

Weekender: Battle Systems Terrain In The Studio Going Post-Apocalyptic

Weekender: Battle Systems Terrain In The Studio Going Post-Apocalyptic


On today’s Weekender we’re
taking a look at some awesome
Battle Systems Terrain,
keeping you in the know
and Warpath 2.0
Different game scales.

Getting To Grips With The Mechanics Of Warpath 2.0

Getting To Grips With The Mechanics Of Warpath 2.0


If you’ve been wondering about the
mechanics and units of Warpath
2.0 by Mantic Games then you
won’t want to miss this video…