The Veer-Myn Unveil New Weapons For Close & Long Range

May 10, 2012 by brennon

Mantic Games are continuing to tinker with the genetics of their Veer-Myn race in Warpath. Now they have developed to a new level and bring new weapons to the field of battle…


Veer-Myn Stalker #1

Veer-Myn Stalker #2

Veer-Myn Stalker #3

Veer-Myn Stalker #4

The Stalkers forgo long range weapons for cruel daggers and close combat pistols. Deadly looking creatures with some nasty weapons ready to rend and tear the Veer-Myn’s foes.


Veer-Myn Scourger #1

Veer-Myn Scourger #2

Scourgers on the other hand love their long range weapons and are armed with nasty Chemlasers that melt their way through the enemy armour. In combination with the other forces of the Veer-Myn they are a deadly foe.

These weapon options will be available as Upgrade Kits later in the year, so watch this space.

Also, if you missed out on Ronnie’s video about the Veer-Myn you can check it out above this story!

Are the Veer-Myn your army for Warpath?