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Warpath – The Corporation

2204 days ago 69

Andy, Ronnie and Alessio have saved the best for last as we get an exclusive look at some of the first concept art for the basic Corporation Trooper’s.

Warpath – The Zz’or

2205 days ago 22

We have something special for the Backstagers, we’ve gotten Ronnie and Alessio to chat about the Zz’or these sound like there going to be some big, nasty bugs!

Warpath Beta Week – Sneak Peek – Race Overview

2205 days ago 42

Andy chats with Ronnie and Alessio as they discuss some of the background for the other races in Warpath.

Warpath – Orx… or is that Marauders?

2206 days ago 34

They’re green… they’re vicious and they’re ready to fight… if you have the cash!

Andy, Ronnie and Alessio discuss the Marauders and what those green-guys like to do for fun.

Also… check out the Marauder Concept Pics.

Warpath – Forgefathers

2206 days ago 23

Andy, Ronnie and Alessio discuss the Forgefathers… what do you think about these Mantic Dwarves… in Spaaaace!

Warpath Beta Week Competition

2207 days ago 136

Well it’s Warpath Beat Week and as always we always like to give something back to you guys, it’s time for the Warpath Beta Week competition… with what I think is one of the coolest prizes we’ve given away so far!

Warpath – The Background

2207 days ago 26

It’s time for some more Warpath, as Andy, Ronnie and Alessio discuss the background and some of the ideas that went into the world of Warpath.

Warpath – The Rules

2208 days ago 23

Ronnie, Alessio and Andy have a discussion about the Beta Rules for Warpath and the process behind their creation.

Warpath – Beta Playtest

2208 days ago 20

Well guys its finally here, and for the first video of warpath week we have Ronnie, Alessio and Andy sitting down to talk about about the Beta Rules and what feedback Mantic are hoping to get from you.

But the big question has to be… is everything better in space?


Get Warpath Beta Rules Downloads

2211 days ago 31

Following on from the email release of the Beta rules,
here they are to download at any time.