Warploque Miniatures Head To All Corners Of Albionnican

May 11, 2013 by brennon

The Warploque Miniatures ArcWorlde Kickstarter is yet to hit but in the mean time they have some stunning artwork and miniatures in the pipeline. One set of miniatures that has me particularly excited is their Albionnican range.

Armies of the Albionnican Empire

The reason these are so exceptionally exciting is that apart from looking great artistically they have a certain ‘Fable’ feel to them. I love the video games from Lionhead and to have a range of models that looks so strikingly similar is fantastic.

More about the different countries:-

“Albionnican – This party is made up from members of one of the regiments from Mother Albionnica herself. Although they may be battered from their long marches across the length and breadth of ArcWorlde, they are equipped with the best armour and weapons that the strained coffers of the Commander General can afford…All the better for shooting natives, what!

Fontaine – On the Eastern shores of the Oval Ocean lies the mighty city-state of Fontaine, on the borders of the dread Cayjon Swamplands. This Albionnican province is forever under attack from the native Bayourk tribes, and a large portion of its working force is made from captured Bayourks, toiling in slavery to further the wealth of this prosperous colony.

Spurn Isle – Those men from the Albionnican province of Spurn Isle are renowned for their affinity to the sea, and make up the vast majority of the Naval forces of the Empire. Tough, salt encrusted fellows all, these sea dogs can fight as well on water as on land.

Lowlanders – The valiant warriors from the Lowlander regiments hail from the blasted wastes of the Scostaine Lowlands, hardy men who love nothing more than a good scrap, may tey man o’course, ya ken?

Al-Niiran – Those soldiers who were recruited from the nomadic tribes of the Al-Niir are swift and deadly fighters, hardened by a life surviving in the vast deserts of their homeland. Although restricted by the heavy and cumbersome uniform of the Albionnican Empire, they can move with great speed and agility!

Raajalan – The noble brethren who come from the mysterious lands of Raajal are brave and courageous fighters, who would rather die than be seen losing their nerve. Where other Albionnican units may retreat, the swarthy Raajalan warriors would carry on the fight, willing to die for the honour of their name and their regiment.”

I have always had a soft spot for the Warploque Miniatures line that engages me on a level that is filled with fun, comical looking sculpts that have a slight twist to them that makes them stand out as original.

I will be following this lot’s progress very carefully.

What do you think of Warploque?