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Battle In Warsenal’s Alcazaba Caravansary For Infinity

60 days ago 11

If you’re looking for an impressive centrepiece to battle in then maybe you’ll find what you’re looking for with the Alcazaba Caravansary from Warsenal for use in your games of Infinity.

Hack The New Infinity Taugak Consoles By Warsenal

95 days ago 6

Warsenal has some new bases and a few new pieces which would be useful for those looking to set up objectives on the battlefield.

Weekender XLBS: Boot Camps Coming Soon & What Is The Nostalgia Hit?

Weekender XLBS: Boot Camps Coming Soon & What Is The Nostalgia Hit?

149 days ago 145

We let you know what Boot
Camps are coming later
this year and discuss the
Nostalgia factor when it
comes to our
tabletop games.

Warsenal Construct A New Cosmica Building For Gen Con

173 days ago 6

Warsenal release the Cosmica Jurisdictional Control Building, another new terrain set fro the tables of Infinity at this year’s Gen Con.

New Comanche Arapaho Position From Warsenal To Release At Gen Con

178 days ago 7

Knowing that Infinity is getting its new release at Gen Con next week, it’s no surprise that Warsenal is following suit for a new terrain bundle as well. The Comanche Arapaho Position not only looks fantastic, but offers a great stronghold to anchor your table.

Warsenal Gets Ready For Red Veil Launch With Runihura Bases

193 days ago 6

Are you looking forward to the new Infinity set coming out? So is Warsenal, which is why they are so excited to announce their new Runihura Haqqislam-themed acrylic bases- just what you need to really bring your new minis to life!

New Harbinger Bases Added To Warsenal’s Infinity Range

203 days ago 4

Warsenal have added some new bases to their collection which would be perfect for those of you running Combined Army squads for Infinity.

Weekender XLBS: Gaming On The Road & Dark Souls Sets Kickstarter On Fire

Weekender XLBS: Gaming On The Road & Dark Souls Sets Kickstarter On Fire

275 days ago 225

Sit back and relax with us
this Sunday as we talk
about what we’ve been
up to gaming-wise and
what the wider world
has to offer!

Warsenal Set Up Their Defences With New Infinity Terrain

278 days ago 7

Warsenal have continued to expand upon their rather exquisite Infinity Terrain range with some defences for your warzones and a big ol’ Armour for when you need to grab a big gun and start shooting.

Take Your Infinity Forces To Cosmica Colony With Warsenal

419 days ago 10

Corvus Belli’s Infinity has just gotten itself another fantastic set of terrain to explore. Warsenal has released the Cosmica Colony, a modular sci fi set with beautiful pieces both in and out to set the scene in your games.

Update Your Infinity Model’s Status With Colourful Discs

455 days ago 1

Warsenal has some really cool base markers that can help you can keep track of status and effects on your Infinity miniatures.

Warsenal Releases Limited Edition Unit Markers For Infinity

474 days ago 4

Warsenal is producing some impressive accessories for Infinity and now there is going to be some limited edition markers.

Warsenal Releases New Terrain For USAriadna Comanche Set

477 days ago 4

Warsenal continues to add to the impressive USAriadna Comanche terrain set.

Warsenal Take Infinity To Badlands & Snowy Tundra

486 days ago 6

Two new lines of products are up on the Designed For Infinity section of the Warsenal website. If you’re looking to base your miniatures in either the Badlands or Snow & Ice then you’re going to be in luck…

Infinity Arachne: Where To Get Your Infinity Tokens!

Infinity Arachne: Where To Get Your Infinity Tokens!

530 days ago 13

This week in Infinity Arachne we’re looking at
the kind of tokens you need for your games of
Infinity and where to get them.

There’s quite a variety out there so come and
have a look at some basics and maybe more
advanced options too…