Hack The New Infinity Taugak Consoles By Warsenal

October 21, 2016 by brennon

Warsenal has some new bases and a few new pieces which would be useful for those looking to set up objectives on the battlefield. Let’s kick off with the Taugak Consoles

Taugak Consoles

The design of the Consoles is to match the rest of the Morat pieces that we’ve been seeing from Warsenal over the past few months. Big harsh lines and sharp edges make this equipment look functional and hard wearing.

The addition of the red acrylic pieces really brings the pieces to life as the letters play out across the screen. They have also been designed to fit with ITS missions so they’re up to spec for tournament games.

Icy Bases

In addition, you might also want to check out the Ugurat Bases which are, once again, Morat themed.

Ugurat Bases

The bases each feature a rocky outcrop for your models to be posed on. Additional snow effects have then been added after the fact. These give you a nice base (pun intended) on which to formulate a great landscape for your Morat forces to battle through. I reckon some blood and discarded equipment!

What do you think of these latest additions to the range?

"They have also been designed to fit with ITS missions so they're up to spec for tournament games..."

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