Fear the Blades of Mishima’s Crimson Devils in Warzone Resurrection

June 13, 2014 by dracs

The Mishima Corporation are bringing in an elite team of scifi samurai in their battles of Warzone Resurrection. Prepare to feel fear as you come face to masked face with the Crimson Devils.

Crimson Devils

These guys look like the perfect strike team for the Mishima Corporation. They’re well equipped for close quarters combat, disorientating the enemy with their guns and grenades, before slicing them to ribbons.

Crimson Devils

The uniform of the horned masks make these warriors look very imposing. You can imagine them marching implacably across the battlefields towards your troops. Some people have suggested that they look a bit too bulky, but personally I think that they look about right, considering that full samurai armour is pretty bulky anyway, and these guys are wearing a scifi version of that.

Are the Crimson Devils going to join your Mishima Corporation forces?

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