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Watchful I Studio To Bring A Stunning Terracotta War Dragon To Life

102 days ago 3

Watchful I Studio is heading to Kickstarter May 15th with their Terracotta Army project. This lovely line of 28mm Terracotta warriors not only look amazing but include some absolutely brilliant sculpts, including the Terracotta War Dragon!

Watchful I Studio’s Terracotta Army Project Previewed

288 days ago 6

Watchful I Studio have put together a few previews showing off the development of their Terracotta Army which is a project coming to fruition!

Watchful I Studio Shows Us A Huge Monster

464 days ago 4

Watchful I Studio has given us a look into a WIP and it is huge!

The Fu Dogs Of Watchful I Studios Grow In Size

602 days ago 8

Watchful I Studios have shown off some updated previews of their Fu Dogs. The general consensus amongst the community was that they needed to make them bigger so that’s what they’ve done!

Watchful I Studios Build An Awesome Chinese Shrine

617 days ago 6

Watchful I Studios continue their jaunt through Medieval China with plans to make this Chinese Shrine or indeed administrative building ready for production towards the end of the month. See what you think…

Watchful I Add A Sense Of The Fantastical To China With Fu Dogs

678 days ago 2

Watchful I Studios have been working through the various models they promised via Kickstarter and now they get to move onto some awesome creatures with the Fu Dogs. See what you think of the renders for them here…

Watchful I Studio’s Undead Are Headed Off To The Mold Maker

772 days ago 2

Sometimes the best warrior to send into battle is the already deceased! Watchful I Studio is almost ready to send their Undead army off to the mold makers to have them work their magic!

Watchful I Bring the Armies of China’s Warring States to Kickstarter

858 days ago 6

Watchful I Studio have launched a new Kickstarter with the aim to bring out a full army based around the forces of China’s Warring States and Qin Dynasty.

Watchful I Bang The War Drums Of The Chinese Warring States

865 days ago 2

More Support Troops have been added to the line-up of warriors that will hopefully take Kickstarter by storm later this year. We’re loving the Repeating Crossbowmen and the War Drums!

Watchful I Studio Show Off What’s Next For The Chinese Warring States

870 days ago 4

The Chinese Warring States army is building in size and strength from Watchful I Studios and they will be on Kickstarter pretty soon so watch out for their infantry and more!

Watchful I Studio Announces Presence at Adepticon in March

886 days ago 1

If you’re in the neighborhood for Adepticon next month, you can stop by and say hi to Watchful I Studio. They will be joining the con this year and previewing their new line for their upcoming Kickstarter.

Ride Into Battle On The Chinese Chariots Of Watchful I Studios

892 days ago 4

Watchful I Studios have been continuing to add more miniatures to their upcoming Chinese Warring States Kickstarter and with so much prepared ahead of time there are Chariots to enjoy!

The Chinese Warring States Of Watchful I Get To Prototype Stage

906 days ago 14

See how Watchful I Studios are progressing with their Chinese Warring States project that has now got to the 3D printed stage.

A Mighty General Leads The Chinese Of Watchful I Studio

963 days ago 2

Watchful I Studios take another look at their Warring States and Qin Dyntasy Chinese Warriors with this preview of the General leading them into battle.

Watchful I Studios Show Off New Chinese Warrior Range!

966 days ago 10

See what Watchful I Studios have planned for their first project! Chinese Warriors of the Warring States and the Qin Dynasty in plastic would be a welcome addition to the wargaming library.