The Fu Dogs Of Watchful I Studios Grow In Size

December 4, 2015 by brennon

Watchful I Studios have shown off some updated previews of their Fu Dogs. The general consensus amongst the community was that they needed to make them bigger so that’s what they’ve done! They have also added some command models to the upcoming unit…

Fu Dog Officer

Above you can see the big leader model for the Fu Dogs with his halberd held high. I think making the creatures bigger, these massive guardians of the palace, gives them an imposing look on the tabletop. I can’t wait to see what armies people make out of these models.

Fu Dog Standard Bearer

Fu Dog Troop

I think the unit as a whole looks neat and its good to see that they have tweaked a few of the poses for the Fu Dogs so that they aren’t all the same. it’s good to see them prowling around looking menacing.

What do you think of these Fu Dogs?

"I can't wait to see what armies people make out of these models..."

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