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Werewoolf Smash Aside Greenskins With Dwarf Shield Basher

420 days ago 3

Werewoolf Miniatures have now added another character to their roster and it’s quite the funny one. Here we have their Dwarf Shield Basher who is in the middle of hoofing a goblin out of his way.

Meet The Lumbering Forest Troll Of Werewoolf Miniatures

500 days ago 10

Werewoolf Miniatures have now released a lumbering oaf of a creature that is no less dangerous for its diminutive intelligence. See what you think of their brutish Forest Troll.

A Stuntie Highlander Joins The Fighting From Werewoolf Miniatures

560 days ago 3

Werewoolf Miniatures have shown off another of their new Highlander Mercenaries that will be joining the fighting for a fair bit of coin soon. While the previous entries in this range have been Ogres its time to downsize with the addition of this Dwarf.

Support Your Clan With Werewoolf’s Next Mighty Ogre

567 days ago 3

Werewoolf Miniatures continue to support the clans of the Highlands with this latest Mighty Ogre wielding a huge Ogre-sized claymore. A claymore is massive so imagine how big this hunk of metal would be!

A Haunting Bagpipe Tune Comes From Werewoolf’s Ogre Mercenary

581 days ago 3

Coming soon to their eBay store we have a new Ogre Mercenary from Werewoolf Miniatures. This burly chap has come down from the highlands blaring out a mournful tune from his bagpipes. Do you think he’ll find his way into one of your Fantasy regiments…

Go Crazy At Werewoolf Miniatures With Their Crackpot Orc Shaman

769 days ago 2

Is the magic in your Orc army lacking? Does it drive you insane not to use magic to its fullest potential? Then you might want to secure the services of the Crazy Orc Shaman.

Howl At The Moon With The Feral William From Werewoolf!

813 days ago 5

See how this snarling beast looks from Werewoolf Miniatures. They’ve finally got themselves an awesome Werewolf called William.

Werewoolf Miniatures Summon The Undead Legions

1243 days ago 0

Raise the Legion once more and begin the march towards the conquering of the underworld and the overworld with Werewoolf Miniatures.