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Unboxing: New Hard Plastic Reliant & Stormclad!

3 days ago 20

We had a bit of a surprise here in the studio today when Justin and John unboxed the Reliant and Stormclad Warjacks from Cygnar in Warmachine and found out that Privateer Press had taken a HUGE step in offering up the components in a different way…

Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection Armoured Chasseurs

4 days ago 17

Rob from Prodos Games has joined John once again for more super detailed Warzone: Resurrection miniatures. This time the guys take a look at an augmented and enhanced Armoured Chasseurs of the Cybertronic Mega-corporation.

Dungeon Saga: Unboxing The Dungeon Delve!

Dungeon Saga: Unboxing The Dungeon Delve!

8 days ago 495

Welcome to the Dungeon Saga Weekend!
Join us as we kick things off by cracking
open the big box so we can get to grips
with the contents and chat with Rich from
Mantic Games about the potential
for adventure within.

Unboxing: Bandua Wargames’ Far West Shop #2

10 days ago 12

We’ve got another kit from Bandua Wargames, it’s the Far West Shop #2. This is great for an outlaw as they could either go there for a shave or for a heist depending on tastes. Maybe both?

Unboxing: Infinity Ariadna Scots Guards

11 days ago 14

Justin and Killian return to the Ariadna of Infinity as they tackle The Scots Guards 6th Caledonian Infantry Regiment. These guys are packing lots of heat, makes sense as they’re the Scottish sectorial army’s fireteam.

Unboxing: Bolt Action Soviet BT-7 Fast Tank

17 days ago 9

We take to the Russian battlefields as the guys unbox the BT-7 Fast Tank for Bolt Action. A early war Soviet cavalry tank that could reach impressive speeds of up to 53mph.

Unboxing: Infinity Yu Jing JSA Support Pack

18 days ago 10

Justin and Killian take a look at the Yu Jing JSA Support Pack for Infinity. A useful set of miniatures for the Japanese Sectorial Army and players who wish to get some specialists into their faction.

Unboxing: 4Ground’s SAGA Arabic Rural Dwelling #1

24 days ago 6

We have a look at another great looking building from 4Ground. This time around it’s the Arabic Rural Dwelling #1 from their SAGA range, a building that can transcend any time and genre for use in many games.

Unboxing: Infinity Ariadna Dog-Warriors

25 days ago 17

Justin is joined by our resident Infinity expert Killian to look at a pair of Ariadna’s beastly Dog-Warriors who come in both their human, Dogface, and more monstrous forms.

Unboxing: Super Dungeon Explore – Forgotten King

32 days ago 26

Justin’s returning to the dungeon and he’s taking John with him as they seek to tackle more foes in Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King from Soda Pop Miniatures & Ninja Division.

Unboxing: Infinity 45th Highlander Rifles

39 days ago 26

Princes of the Universe Justin and John look at some more Infinity as they unbox the 45th Highlander Rifles for the Ariadna army. They disagree on the resemblance of the sword wielding member of the team. There can be only one correct answer…

Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection Blood Berets

46 days ago 5

We have more Warzone: Resurrection miniatures to unbox with Rob from Prodos Games. In this episode we’ve got the Blood Berets, specialist troopers for the Imperial faction, ready for action.

Unboxing: Bandua Wargames’ Far West Shop #1

59 days ago 6

We have more from Bandua Wargames western range, this time around its the Far West Shop #1. A place for your minis to pick a new six shooter or spurs for their boots.

Unboxing: Dreamforge Games – Eisenkern Keilerkopf APC

60 days ago 19

We have a monster of a vehicle from Dreamforge Games for this unboxing, the Eisenkern’s ‘Keilerkopf’ APC. It wouldn’t look amiss crushing Xenomorphs at Hadley’s Hope.

Unboxing: Warmachine – Khador Ruin Heavy Warjack

66 days ago 8

John has been adding to his Khador army for Warmachine and has picked up a doozy; the mace wielding character Heavy Warjack Ruin.