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Unboxing: Bandua Wargames’ Far West Shop #1

12 hours ago 5

We have more from Bandua Wargames western range, this time around its the Far West Shop #1. A place for your minis to pick a new six shooter or spurs for their boots.

Unboxing: Dreamforge Games – Eisenkern Keilerkopf APC

2 days ago 15

We have a monster of a vehicle from Dreamforge Games for this unboxing, the Eisenkern’s ‘Keilerkopf’ APC. It wouldn’t look amiss crushing Xenomorphs at Hadley’s Hope.

Unboxing: Warmachine – Khador Ruin Heavy Warjack

7 days ago 7

John has been adding to his Khador army for Warmachine and has picked up a doozy; the mace wielding character Heavy Warjack Ruin.

Unboxing: Flames Of War StuG G Platoon

8 days ago 20

John is back in his comfort zone as we take a look at the German StuG G Platoon for Flames of War. A box set of five tanks which can be built to either a early or late war design.

Unboxing: Forge World Event Minis & Scyllax Guardian-Automata

14 days ago 8

We’ve got some more of @deaddave’s Forge World collection to unearth for you. This time around we’ve got more event exclusive miniatures as well as the Matrix-esque Scyllax Guardian-Automata.

Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection Bauhaus Venusian Rangers

16 days ago 8

We’re taking a look at some more Warzone: Resurrection minis with Rob from Prodos Games. This time around it’s the rocket launcher wielding, skull masked Venusian Rangers of the Bauhaus faction.

Unboxing: Bandua Wargames’ Sheriff Office

22 days ago 9

John and Justin check out some terrain suitable for your games of Wild West Exodus and beyond. This time it’s the Sheriff Office from Bandua Wargames complete with gallows to dish out severe punishment.

Unboxing: Infinity Nazarova Twins – Kum Enforcers

23 days ago 6

We take to the open roads of Infinity as we ride along with the deadly duo of the Nazarova Twins, both Kum Enforcers for the Haqqislam faction.

Unboxing: Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game With Alessio Cavatore

27 days ago 21

Join Warren and Alessio as they break open a copy of the Terminator Genisys Miniatures Game from River Horse and distributed by Warlord Games.

Unboxing: Empress Miniatures’ MGS Stryker & Humvee

29 days ago 21

Keith from Empress Miniatures has once again joined John to show off some more awesome looking modern warfare vehicles. This time we go stateside for US military mainstays the MGS Stryker and the iconic Humvee.

Unboxing: Robotech RPG Tactics UEDF Spartan/Phalanx Destroids

30 days ago 55

We’ve previously shown some of the Zentraedi forces you can add to your Robotech RPG Tactics game and now we have some UEDF Destroids to unbox for you.The big Phalanx artillery unit and the Spartan defense mech are next up!

Unboxing: Bolt Action T34/76 Plastic Tank Set

36 days ago 13

Justin and John unbox an influential and innovative tank design in the form of the Soviet Army’s T34/76 Medium Tank Plastic Boxed Set for Warlord Games’ Bolt Action.

Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection Capitol Heavy Infantry

37 days ago 12

Rob from Prodos Games joins us once more to look at the impressively detailed sculpts of the Capitol faction’s power slamming Heavy Infantry for Warzone: Resurrection.

Unboxing: Toughest Girls Of The Galaxy – Jailbirds Character Box

43 days ago 7

We come face to face with more of the Toughest Girls of the Galaxy from Raging Heroes. This time around around we come across a trio of deadly girls and their hippo that make up the Jailbirds Character Box.

Unboxing: Hordes Skorne All-In-One Army Box

44 days ago 9

We have another epic sized Privateer Press Unboxing as Justin swaps the Focus of Warmachine for the Fury of Hordes and unleashes upon us the Skorne All-in-One Army Box.