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Unboxing: Kraken Wargames Mat

1 day ago 16

We may be in the midst of the Team Yankee Boot Camp but when we got this mat from Kraken Wargames nothing was going to stop us from showing you how great it is.

Unboxing: Wild West Exodus’ Legendary Wyatt Earp & Dr. Carpathian

5 days ago 3

We’re in the studio for another unboxing as we find out more about two Legendary models from Wild West Exodus.

Unboxing: Dungeon Saga – The Adventurer’s Companion

10 days ago 38

We’re joined by Stewart from Mantic Games again to have a look through Dungeon Saga’s Adventurer’s Companion, where even the furniture fights back!

Unboxing: The Horus Heresy – Betrayal At Calth

12 days ago 64

Warren and AJ take a look the new standalone boxed game from Games Workshop, Betrayal At Calth. It’s set in the 31st Millennium during the Word Bearers’ invasion of the Ultramarine world of Calth.

Unboxing: Dungeon Saga – The Return Of Valandor Expansion

17 days ago 4

Warren is joined by Stewart from Mantic Games to take a look at an upcoming expansion to the successfully Kickstarted game, Dungeon Saga, which takes delving back to its roots.

Unboxing: Sparmax Arism Mini Compressor

19 days ago 16

John meets up with Brian from Anarchy Models to unveil the newest Arism Mini Compressor from Sparmax.

Unboxing: Wild West Exodus Sand Buggy

24 days ago 5

Justin tries to introduce John to the world of Wild West Exodus from Outlaw Miniatures by having the look at the Sand Buggy, a Light Support vehicle driven by the Mercenaries of WWX.

Unboxing: Sparmax MAX-4 Airbrush

26 days ago 8

John has got Brian from Anarchy Models with him to take a closer look at the airbrush you may have seen him use in recent videos such as weathering the Warhammer 40,000 Valkyrie, the MAX-4 from Sparmax.

Unboxing: Kings Of War Undead Werewolves

32 days ago 4

Justin and John howl at the moon in delight as they got the chance to unbox the Undead Werewolves for Kings of War. When these guys are on the battlefield their presence is going to be felt.

Unboxing: Battle Foam – Pathfinder Bag

37 days ago 8

We’re back with another look at what Battle Foam has to offer with their Pathfinder Bag. Do you need somewhere to carry all your RPG paraphernalia?

Unboxing: Bolt Action Hanomag Plastic Box Set

40 days ago 17

The guys get stuck in with another Bolt Action unboxing, this time featuring the Hanomag Half Track Plastic Box Set for the German Army.

Unboxing: Battle Foam Eco Box

45 days ago 13

Warren sits down with Justin to go through another unboxing…of a box! We’re taking a look at the Eco Box from Battle Foam.

Unboxing: Warzone Resurrection – Brotherhood Starter Box

47 days ago 8

We have another Warzone: Resurrection Starter Box from Prodos Games to unpack. This time around its John’s army of choice as we take a look at the ambidextrous Brotherhood; the main line of defence against the Dark Legion.

Unboxing: Battle Foam Privateer Press Tournament Bag

53 days ago 11

Warren joins Justin to check out a limited edition Privateer Press Tournament Bag from Battle Foam perfect for transporting your armies far and wide. We’ve got “Khador Red” and “Cygnar Blue” to look at but which colour will the guys opt for?

Unboxing: Bolt Action Marder III Tank Destroyer

60 days ago 18

We have a distinct looking vehicle for this Bolt Action unboxing as the guys take a look at the Marder III Ausf. M Tank Destroyer, one of the most widely used vehicles of this type by the Germans during World War II.