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Warmachine Unboxing: Protectorate Of Menoth’s Eye Of Truth

6 days ago 6

Today we’re looking at Warmachine’s magnificent Eye of Truth from the Menoth Faction.

Dropfleet Commander Unboxing: Shaltari Battleship

10 days ago 4

We’re delving back into the world of Dropfleet Commander from Hawk Wargames and look at another mighty ship as we unbox the Shaltari Battleship!

Dropfleet Commander Unboxing: Scourge Daemon Battleship

13 days ago 15

Today we’re unboxing the fearsome Scourge Daemon Battleship for Dropfleet Commander from Hawk Wargames.

Warmachine Unboxing: Khador Grolar & Kodiak

17 days ago 5

Today we unbox my very first faction I fell in love with, the Khador Army from Warmachine.

Gates of Antares Unboxing: Ghar High Commander

20 days ago 10

Today we’re unboxing the Ghar High Commander Karg from Beyond the Gates of Antares by Warlord Games.

Bolt Action Unboxing: M3 Stuart

31 days ago 15

Today we unbox the M3 Stuart from Warlord Games for Bolt Action.

Hordes Unboxing: Skorne Desert Hydra

34 days ago 6

We’re back with another Hordes Unboxing from Privateer Press. This time we’re opening up the fearsome Desert Hydra from Skorne.

Dropfleet Commander Unboxing: PHR Battleship

66 days ago 22

It’s time for use to get stuck into some Dropfleet Commander as we unbox the PHR Battleship from Hawk Wargames.

Infinity Unboxing: Clausewitz Uhlans & Acontecimento Tikbalangs

69 days ago 14

Get stuck into some Infinity as we unbox Clausewitz Uhlans & Acontecimento Tikbalangs and take a look at some more stunning models from Corvus Belli.

Wrath of Kings Unboxing: Honor & Treachery

Wrath Of Kings Unboxing: Honor & Treachery

73 days ago 12

Today we’re super excited to unbox some of the amazing Wrath of Kings models from Cool MiniOr Not. To start we’re looking through the Honor & Treachery Beginner Box.

Tanks Unboxing: Pershing Tank Expansion

Tanks Unboxing: Pershing Tank Expansion

76 days ago 7

It’s time to unbox some more TANKS! John’s particularly excited about this one and you guys know it!

Team Yankee Unboxing: Soviet & American Paint Set

80 days ago 6

Today we’re unboxing the Soviet & American Paint sets from Battlefront for Team Yankee.

Grimskull Unboxing: Necrocyborg Grim Reaper & Female Warrior

Grimskull Unboxing: Necrocyborg Grim Reaper & Female Warrior

83 days ago 9

Today John and Justin are opening up a Grimskull package showing off the amazing Grim Reaper and the Female Warrior Conversions.

Army Painter Unboxing: Mega Paint Set

90 days ago 10

John sits down with Romain once more in the painting studio to unbox Army Painter’s latest Mega Paint Set.

Warzone Resurrection Unboxing: Vince Diamond

97 days ago 3

Today we’re unboxing some Warzone Resurrection from Prodos Games looking at Vince Diamond!