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Unboxing: Gates of Antares – Isorian Senatex Phase Squad

1 day ago 5

With the Battle of Xilos underway we wanted to take a look at the Gates of Antares models from Warlord Games.

Kings of War – Forces of the Abyss Unboxing

6 days ago 10

This box is jam packed with models and with plenty of options you can customise your models to your own choosing. They even have a few imps flying around them and for those who want some battle drums, you can have that too!

Unboxing: Team Yankee – SA-13 Gopher SAM Platoon

8 days ago 7

The Gophers were nippy on the battlefield and just what the Soviets required to fend off those pesky air raids.

Unboxing: Relic Knights – Calico Kate & Skully

13 days ago 5

We’re hoping you like some bad ass girls, cos we got a doozy from Relic Knights.

Unboxing: Arthur Baskerville & The Hound of Baskerville

15 days ago 4

Elementary, my dear Watson, Micro Art Studio surprise us again with their beautiful literary inspired models for Wolsung.

Unboxing: Bolt Action – Sherman Tank Troop

20 days ago 18

It’s the Sherman’s from Warlord Games’, beautifully crafted game, Bolt Action.

Unboxing: Waterloo – Quelle Affaire!

22 days ago 34

It’s time we’ve got Alessio to unbox the fantastic Waterloo: Quelle Affaire! from Riverhorse.

Unboxing: Relic Knights – Pacer

27 days ago 6

“Looks like the Princess is taking up the lead, the Hells Bells are closing in fas… oh wait, oh no! A DISASTER!”

Unboxing: Team Yankee – Bannon’s Boys

29 days ago 10

The boys are back in town, Bannon’s Boys for Battlefront’s Team Yankee we should stipulate!

Unboxing: Warzone – Mishima Tatsu Gigamek

34 days ago 17

The Gigamek is HUGE and such a power piece for your table. If you weren’t into Warzone before, I’ll bet you are now!

Unboxing: Relic Knights – Cerci Speed Circuit Battle Box

36 days ago 10

It’s that time again, we’re looking at Relic Knights from Ninja Division. Today John and myself are opening up the Cerci Speed Circuit Battle Box.

Unboxing: Wolsung – Cook & Kitchen Boy

41 days ago 8

Welcome back for another edition of Ready Stea… no wait, wrong show.
However, today we’re stepping into the kitchen and seeing what’s on the menu for Wolsung!

Unboxing: AVP – Young Bloods

43 days ago 18

So you think you’re ready to become blooded eh? Well we’ll have to see about that Young Blood!

Unboxing: AVP – Alien Queen & Facehuggers

48 days ago 16

Are you ready for trauma? How about some creepy questionable creatures diving into your own bodies? Well you’re in luck

Unboxing: Relic Knights – Black Dragons & Sophia Drake

50 days ago 10

This week we’re taking a look through more of the Relic Knights from Ninja Division.