Mechs & Tanks Take Shape From White Dragon Miniatures

July 28, 2015 by brennon

White Dragon Miniatures have got to the stage where the pledge manager for their 15mm Sci-Fi campaign is nearly ready and models are coming to life! Not only is The Fiddler going off to the printers but they’ve been working hard on the Strix Recon Mech and a tank alongside Prodos too…

The Fiddler

As you can see it is looking pretty special already and all sorted for 15mm scale combat. Interestingly you can now also pose the Fiddler however you like and it might come with some more weapon options down the line.

Fiddler Mech (Front)

Fiddler Mech (Components)

Fiddler Mech (Side)

I think they’ve done a top notch job on this and it’s going to be great seeing a few of these take to the tabletop over the coming months. It certainly makes 15mm Sci-Fi all that more appealing a prospect!

Recon Bots

Scouting out ahead of the main force you have the Strix Recon Mechs too. These decidedly smaller mechs might not be able to dish out as much pain as the Fiddler but they are light and agile, able to keep an eye on forward positions as your main force advances.

Strix Mech (Front)

Strix Mech (Rear)

These are really cool looking robots and while I don’t imagine there will be as much posing with this model BUT it would be nice to have them in a few different styles. I like the idea of seeing one down on one knee ushering the rest of its unit forward.

Rolling Out The Tanks

Prodos Games have been working on some tanks already for the game. This below is the work that’s gone into the X4 Urban Combat Vehicle and it looks superb too. I love that pop up turret that has a bit of the Command & Conquer about it.

X4 Urban Combat Vehicle #1

X4 Urban Combat Vehicle #2

It will be fun to see what is coming next and I think that White Dragon Miniatures are certainly on top of things when it comes to their range. I can’t wait to see where this goes AND of course how cool Shattered Void will be come later in the year.

What do you think of their work so far?

"I don't imagine there will be as much posing with this model BUT it would be nice to have them in a few different styles..."