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New Afterglow Faction, The Forsaken, Now On IndieGoGo

393 days ago 2

White Tree Miniatures are now on IndieGoGo looking to fund their new faction for Afterglow called The Forsaken.

Afterglow Summons Dangerous Magics With The Naiym’vael Mage

435 days ago 6

Afterglow is a strange, weird and wonderful Sci-Fi world mixed with a dose of Fantasy and the Post-Apocalypse. It produces some interesting models. One of these is the Naiym’vael Mage…

The World Of Afterglow Welcomes The Fanatics Of Delaria

577 days ago 4

The world of Afterglow is going to be getting some additional crazy people with the coming of the Fanatics of Delaria soon to the store at White Tree. See what you think of the concept art for the miniatures below.

Face The Judgement Of White Tree’s Inquisitor Of The One

605 days ago 5

White Tree have added another great looking miniature to their line-up for use in the Afterglow Miniatures Games. However, he would also make a neat addition to all manner of grim dark settings. See what you think of the Inquisitor Of The One…

White Tree’s Spooky Scarecrow Steps Into Afterglow

658 days ago 2

White Tree Miniatures have shown off the Halloween miniature that will be popping up for Afterglow. Scarecrow is a rather terrifying looking model and I wouldn’t want to bump into him out there on the battlefield…

Afterglow Halloween Surprise Coming Soon

671 days ago 0

Afterglow have shown off a teaser of a new model coming to their tabletop world this month. October marks the celebration of Halloween and so some grim reaper is making his way to their range…

Check Out The Fantastical Ruined World Of Afterglow

787 days ago 7

This Polish game popped up on my radar today and I was immediately intrigued. After a successful fundraising campaign the world of Afterglow was born and while it’s still in Polish right now rules wise they have some great models and English rules on the way…

White Tree’s Post Apocalyptic Game Afterglow Gets Butt Kicking Elves

821 days ago 1

A new game called Afterglow from White Tree, set in a post apocalyptic world has released a new faction of elves.