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Ready Your Gunslingers For New Posse Sets In Wild West Exodus


Two new Posse Sets were detailed this week for the world of Wild West Exodus. Prepare for the advance of the Golden Army and a search for Absolute Power!

The Viridian Clade Strike For The Watchers Of Wild West Exodus


The Viridian Clade has arrived as a new Posse Set and Starter Set for those looking to pick up The Watchers for Wild West Exodus.

Get Stuck Into Wild West Exodus Organised Play


To help you get into the world of Wild West Exodus, you’ll soon be able to try out at a Gunslinger Organised Play Event thanks to a new initiative by Warcradle.

Dark Nation Monsters & Warped Creations For Wild West Exodus


Wild West Exodus is full of strange and warped creatures, seen in detail here with a look at some Posse Sets for the game coming out in the near future.

Warcradle Present Pre-order Terrain For Wild West Exodus


Warcradle Studios have a host of new houses for Wild West Exodus up for pre-order.

Weekender: Uncovering Mythos Horrors + Win Two-Player Starter Bundles!

Weekender: Uncovering Mythos Horrors + Win Two-Player Starter Bundles!


It’s time for us to welcome Warren back into the fold for The Weekender this week as we get stuck into plenty of awesomeness from a week in gaming.

Showboaters & Infernal Investigators Coming To Wild West Exodus Soon


Two new Posses are coming to Wild West Exodus later this year from Warcradle. This week saw the preview of both the Infernal Investigators and Ranger Showboat…

Warcradle To Attend AdeptiCon With WWX & Dystopian Wars


Warcradle have announced that they are going to be attending AdeptiCon 2018 and will be bringing both Wild West Exodus and Dystopian Wars with them to show off.

Warcradle Sneak A Look At The Wayward Eight For Wild West Exodus


Showing off and exploring the characters of the Wayward Eight, the team at Warcradle take us through the new sculpts and poses for these characters in Wild West Exodus.

Let's Play: Wild West Exodus - Send a Message

Let’s Play: Wild West Exodus – Send A Message


Az playing The Order takes on
Chris from Warcradle as the Watchers.

Warcradle Introduce The Deadly Seven And Host Another Q&A


Some new outlaws come riding into Wild West Exodus plus your chance to question the Warcradle team

Warcradle Announce The Dystopian Age


Warcradle Studios have released a video discussing their plans for some of their games and how they are bringing them together into a new shared universe they are calling the Dystopian Age.

Exclusive! Warcradle’s Awesome X-Mas Wild West Exodus Miniature


Warcradle was kind enough to share with us the first sneak peek at their Christmas Miniatures which is going to be available from 1st December through to 30th December!

Weekender: Win Galactic Terrain & Necromunda Exhumed!

Weekender: Win Galactic Terrain & Necromunda Exhumed!


Beasts of War 3rd Annual Awards coming soon!
LIVE Friday 1st December 9PM,
be there or be square!

New Wild West Exodus Releases Hit From Warcradle This November


The folks at Warcradle have released a whole bunch of new Pre-Order Products for all manner of different factions in the world of Wild West Exodus.

Run For Your Life With Wild West Exodus’ Civilians


Warcradle has added some new fleeing Civilians into their collection for use with Wild West Exodus. There are two Civilian Sets for you to choose from.

Warcradle Shows Off The Cor Caroli For Wild West Exodus


Warcradle Studios has been showing off some new miniatures for the Cor Caroli of Wild West Exodus. Have a look at these fearsome warriors with their heavy armor and wicked weapons.

Warcradle Give A Sneak Peek At The Soul Hunters Of Wild West Exodus


Warcradle have shared a new sneak peek with folks showing off the upcoming Soul Hunters from within The Enlightened faction in the world of Wild West Exodus.

Weekender Win A Dragon Spread

Weekender: Win An Epic Joan Of Arc Dragon & Resident Evil 2 Exclusive News

Wild West Exodus Week: The Enlightened Faction Chat

Wild West Exodus Week: The Enlightened Faction Guide


Are the costs of scientific advancement
always worth it for the greater good?