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Weekender: New Fabled Realms Faction & Naval Wargaming At Midway

Weekender: New Fabled Realms Faction & Naval Wargaming At Midway

3 days ago 130

Warcradle Updating The Wayward Eight Of Wild West Exodus

5 days ago 17

Warcradle is going to be updating The Wayward Eight, one of the most Outlaw boxed sets from Wild West Exodus. Here’s now the new set is going to look…

Beta Test The 2nd Edition Rules For Wild West Exodus Now

7 days ago 10

Warcradle has now opened up options for you to download and playtest the new 2nd Edition rules for Wild West Exodus.

The Legendary Marie Laveau Takes Shape For Wild West Exodus

8 days ago 8

Coming to the tabletop in the near future, Warcradle showed off the new Legendary Marie Laveau for Wild West Exodus.

Bandua Built Up Mighty Tabletops For Salute (Table Now Available!)

25 days ago 12

Take a look at some of the awesome terrain that Bandua Wargames bought to Salute this weekend, soon to be available online!

Resin Production Supervisor & Account Managers [Warcradle]

33 days ago Comments Off

We will be looking to show off a few Job Vacancies from a number of the different companies we work with starting with one from Warcradle Studios

A Viridian Alpha Leads The Watchers Across Wild West Exodus

42 days ago 4

The alien Watchers of Wild West Exodus are one of the game’s most sinister and strange factions, something which the latest concept art for the Viridian Alpha definitely shows.

Wild West Exodus 2nd Edition Announced For September

55 days ago 13

Warcradle announced this week that the 2nd Edition of Wild West Exodus is going to be coming to the tabletop on 30th September 2017!

Legendary Nimue Battles A Giant Foe In Wild West Exodus

68 days ago 2

Warcradle got the first look at Legendary Nimue this week as a copy of the model arrived in the office for Wild West Exodus. As you can see she is battling hard against a fearsome betentacled foe!

New Characters & Stat Cards Pop Up For Wild West Exodus

76 days ago 4

If you’re a Wild West Exodus fan then you’ll be glad to hear that Warcradle seem to have things in hand when it comes to supporting the game going forward. So with that, we got a peek at some new characters that have arrived on their webstore.

Exclusive! Check Out Legendary Nura For Wild West Exodus’ Holy Order

88 days ago 8

The folks at Warcradle have given us an exclusive look at one of their new sculpts coming out for Wild West Exodus. Here we have the rather epic Legendary Nura of the Holy Order.

New Boss Colonel Campbell Leads The Union In Wild West Exodus

117 days ago 8

Warcradle have previewed a new boss who will be coming out to lead the Union in Wild West Exodus, the commanding Colonel Albert Campbell.

Wild West Exodus Hires A Marshal With Bass Reeves

119 days ago 7

Warcradle added another new character to the Wild West Exodus store. This time around they’re tipping their hat to Marshal Bass Reeves of the Lawmen.

Warcradle Give Us Sneak Peek Look At Wild West Exodus Characters

130 days ago 8

Warcradle gives us a sneaky look ahead at what’s coming for Wild West Exodus with some character artwork for the game.

Community Spotlight: Star Wars, Scaredy-Cats, & Confederates

Community Spotlight: Star Wars, Scaredy-Cats, & Confederates

130 days ago 17

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