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Exclusive: Wayland Games Take Over As Owners Of Wild West Exodus

2 days ago 24

Outlaw Miniatures are going to be leaving the world of Wild West Exodus behind as it changes hands and becomes the property of Wayland Games Ltd.

The Ladies Of The West Ride Into Gen Con For Wild West Exodus

86 days ago 5

The Ladies of the West are making their way to Gen Con as an exclusive from the Outlaw Miniatures booth #1037. Here’s your opportunity to add these ladies to your collection if you missed them in the last Kickstarter.

The Dreaded Seven Now Wanted For Wild West Exodus

132 days ago 2

Outlaw Miniatures have shown off some concept art for a new set of heroes-come-villains that are going to be coming to the tabletop in Wild West Exodus. Here we have the Dreaded Seven…

New Wild West Exodus Terminators Coming Soon

171 days ago 10

The folks at Wild West Exodus have previewed another of their new unit packs for the Confederate Rebellion. Here we have the heavily armoured Terminators hefting around some big guns…

Fire Up The Blazer Iron Horse For Wild West Exodus

176 days ago 7

If you’re looking for a speedy solution to close with the enemy then see what you think of the Blazer Iron Horse from Outlaw Miniatures for Wild West Exodus…

Exploring Exodus: Rev Your Engines & Rider Out!

226 days ago 9

We’re back in the shanties of the Wild West in Wild West Exodus. In this episode we’re talking about the speedy Outlaw Iron Horse along with the beefcake that is the Enlightened/Outlaw Doomsday Heavy Support capable of ramming down the opposition!

Exploring Exodus – XLBS: Vehicle Tactics & Ride By Attacks

226 days ago Comments Off

Welcome to the backstage version of Exploring Exodus where we look at more tactics for Wild West Exodus.

More Characters Heading To Wild West Exodus Soon

257 days ago 4

Outlaw Miniatures have shown off some more of the final resin miniatures that will be heading out to people soon for Wild West Exodus. This is quite the mix of characters so let us know which one is your favourite…

Exploring Exodus – The Influence Of The Enlightened

268 days ago 1

In this episode we are joined by Dr. Carpathian’s Enlightened forces ready to show us how Influence works in Wild West Exodus as well as some tricks they themselves are capable of. How about Thomas Edison Phonic Blasting his troops towards opponents?

Exploring Exodus XLBS – Offensive & Defensive Use Of Influence

268 days ago 1

It’s time to take a more in-depth look at Influence as Sean from Outlaw Miniatures sits down with Justin to explore both its offensive and defensive uses in games of Wild West Exodus.

Exploring Exodus – Special Rules In Action

310 days ago Comments Off

It’s time to take a look at how we can utilise special rules in our games of Wild West Exodus. Rules which can turn the tide and give you the last laugh when you thought all hope was lost.

Exploring Exodus XLBS – The Universal Special Rules Of WWX

310 days ago Comments Off

Justin sits down with Sean from Outlaw Miniatures to get a grasp of the many universal special rules that can be found in Wild West Exodus. From Bellringer to Decapitation, Tangle, and beyond we’ve got you covered.

Big Stompy Creatures Arrive For Wild West Exodus

310 days ago 8

The long awaited big creatures are arriving for Wild West Exodus- and they TOWER over the standard minis! The King Scarab, Scarab, Skin-Walker and Wendigo are ready to add plenty of big and stompy destruction to your games.

Wild West Exodus Shows Off Kickstarter Backer Created Merc Rules

331 days ago 1

Kickstarter backers can come up with some great things and Wild West Exodus is proud to show them off! Three new Mercs and their rules will be available for pre-order this Monday.

Unboxing: Wild West Exodus’ Legendary Wyatt Earp & Dr. Carpathian

334 days ago 3

We’re in the studio for another unboxing as we find out more about two Legendary models from Wild West Exodus.