New Characters & Stat Cards Pop Up For Wild West Exodus

March 8, 2017 by brennon

If you’re a Wild West Exodus fan then you’ll be glad to hear that Warcradle seem to have things in hand when it comes to supporting the game going forward. So with that, we got a peek at some new characters that have arrived on their webstore.

Countess Augusta Byron (Character)

Leading the way we have Countess Augusta Byron here who looks like she’s been through the war. With stories of her strange refrigerated abode filled with bodies and the mangled corpses of young women, you can imagine just how she’s managed to stay looking as ‘pretty’ as she does here. We also have her Stat Card for you to check out too…

Countess Augusta Byron (Stats)

As you can see she has the ability to keep on going when she joins the fighting, able to reanimate and surge back to life in order to enact some revenge on whomever put her down. A terrifying boss to face on the streets!

Albert Campbell

Following on from Augusta we have the able Colonel Albert Campbell

Colonel Albert Campbell (Model)

This fellow fights for The Union and is known for his booming voice and the stink of cigar smoke that drifts around him at all times. His weapon of choice is that customised demolition claw which can rip through soldiers and of course some vehicles with ease.

Colonel Albert Campbell (Stats)

If you’re interested in his stats, Warcradle gave us a peek at those too. Everyone likes the idea of a big burly brawler and as an Underboss he could work well when reinforcing a weaker unit to give them an extra punch.

Cards Galore

As well as the cards we’ve seen here, the third of the previews was for Captain Rani Nimue, the Legendary Boss, who will be available in the near future.

Captain Rani Nimue (Legendary Boss)

She seems like a decidedly all round good commander that would be great in a fight and leading soldiers with some interesting buffs and abilities at her fingertips. She seems like one of those characters who thinks about her engagements ahead of time with abilities like Lucky Strike and Outwit. Let’s hope you do her proud in battle!

Additionally, it should be noted that the First Edition Card Pack is available from their website so you can pick up everything you need to get playing with your faction of choice.

The Last Round-Up

“This 300+ card deck contains updated and revised stat cards for all the current Wild West Exodus miniatures up to Jan 2017 in one handy box. Each card is ideal for quickly referencing special rules, weapons and statistic for each warrior and includes a handy lifeblood tracker.

So it does not matter if you’re a righteous zealot of the Holy Order, a cursed Dark Nation warrior, a hundred-year-old conquistador for the Golden Army or Mercenary for hire, The last round up is an essential purchase for any player!”

Who is your faction of choice in the world of Wild West Exodus and will you be taking on the challenge of these new characters?

Let us know in the comments below…

"With stories of her strange refrigerated abode filled with bodies and the mangled corpses of young women, you can imagine just how she's managed to stay looking as 'pretty' as she does here..."