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Exploring Exodus: Rev Your Engines & Rider Out!


We’re back in the shanties of the Wild West in Wild West Exodus. In this episode we’re talking about the speedy Outlaw Iron Horse along with the beefcake that is the Enlightened/Outlaw Doomsday Heavy Support capable of ramming down the opposition!

Exploring Exodus – XLBS: Vehicle Tactics & Ride By Attacks


Welcome to the backstage version of Exploring Exodus where we look at more tactics for Wild West Exodus.

Exploring Exodus – The Influence Of The Enlightened


In this episode we are joined by Dr. Carpathian’s Enlightened forces ready to show us how Influence works in Wild West Exodus as well as some tricks they themselves are capable of. How about Thomas Edison Phonic Blasting his troops towards opponents?

Exploring Exodus XLBS – Offensive & Defensive Use Of Influence


It’s time to take a more in-depth look at Influence as Sean from Outlaw Miniatures sits down with Justin to explore both its offensive and defensive uses in games of Wild West Exodus.

Exploring Exodus – Special Rules In Action


It’s time to take a look at how we can utilise special rules in our games of Wild West Exodus. Rules which can turn the tide and give you the last laugh when you thought all hope was lost.

Exploring Exodus XLBS – The Universal Special Rules Of WWX


Justin sits down with Sean from Outlaw Miniatures to get a grasp of the many universal special rules that can be found in Wild West Exodus. From Bellringer to Decapitation, Tangle, and beyond we’ve got you covered.

Exploring Exodus – Explosive Death With The Enlightened


In Wild West Exodus getting killed can have explosive consequences, especially when The Enlightened are involved. In this episode of Exploring Exodus we take a look at their TNT rule and how it can effect units on each side of the battle.

Exploring Exodus XLBS – Dead Eye Gun Masters


Sean from Outlaw Miniatures sits down with Justin to take a look at the characters who can claim to be the best shot the world of Wild West Exodus; will your gunslinger of choice feature?

Exploring Exodus – Getting Up Close With Melee Combat


Sometimes in the world of Wild West Exodus the guns need to stay in the holsters and fists do the talking instead (or in Abe Lincoln’s case a ruddy big axe). Justin and Sean from Outlaw Miniatures take a look at melee combat in WWX.

Exploring Exodus XLBS – Melee Threats Of The West


We’ve seen melee combat in action with the Union and the Outlaws but what do the other factions have to offer in regards to their melee options? The guys take a seat to discuss the characters who can get up close and personal.