A Viridian Alpha Leads The Watchers Across Wild West Exodus

April 11, 2017 by dracs

The alien Watchers of Wild West Exodus are one of the game’s most sinister and strange factions, something which the latest concept art for the Viridian Alpha definitely shows.

Viridian Alpha

“The Viridian Alpha is quite the match for anything a posse of weak and feeble humans might throw at him. To complicate matters further he often leads his Viridian Clade who harry their enemies on the ground as well as from the air. The Alpha’s nickname of ‘King Locust’, or sometimes the ‘Big Bastard’, is well deserved.”

This new design for the Viridian Alpha is far more gribbly. Rather than the cold detachment you might expect from inhuman aliens, this one is practically slavering to get to the killin’.

Viridan Alpha Original

The new design has noticeably different armaments to the original, which is good as it provides a nice alternative and different tactical options for Watchers players.

Which of the two designs do you like best?

"Practically slavering to get to the killin'..."