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Field A New Ratmen Fantasy Team From Willy Miniatures

36 days ago 4

Sometimes you just need to send the rats in to get the job done. Willy Miniatures is back on Kickstarter with their Fantasy Football Ratmen Team, and they’re ready to play dirty to lead you victory!

Willy Miniatures Prepare Draconian Fantasy Football Team For Kickstarter

147 days ago 3

Willy Miniatures have shared images of the new Draconian Fantasy Football Team that is coming to Kickstarter soon. If you fancy your Fantasy Football stars with scales and spikes then this could be the team for you.

Willy Miniatures’ Team Dwarfs Kick Off At Kickstarter

184 days ago Comments Off

Willy Miniatures have returned to the playing pitch of Kickstarter to kick off their new fantasy football team of dwarf players.

Kekonomicon Get You Set For Fantasy Football Wherever You Are

245 days ago 4

Everyone is getting into the Fantasy Football mood at the moment and Kekonomicon are on Kickstarter right now looking for funding for their BlitzZone Set.

A Deadly Assassin Sneaks Onto The Willy Miniatures Football Pitch

399 days ago 2

Willy Miniatures must have bribed the referee as they sneak a Dark Elf Assassin onto the Fantasy Football pitch as one of their upcoming releases.

An Elf Assassin Sneaks Onto Willy Miniatures’ Football Pitch

413 days ago 4

Fantasy football pitches have always been dangerous places, but soon you will have to keep one eye on the ball and one eye behind you as Willy Miniatures prepare to let an Elf Assassin join the game.

Willy’s Goblin Wizard Turns You Into Their New Big Toad

664 days ago 3

Willy Miniatures have a rather interesting pair of new releases for their ever growing selection of fantasy football players. A mystical and mischievous Goblin Wizard and a very Big Toad.

Willy Work on A Chaos Dwarf Coach to Whip You Into Shape

677 days ago 1

Willy Miniatures have shown off a new WiP they are working on of a Chaos Dwarf Coach to help guide your players to victory on the fantasy football pitch.

Goblins Follow Amazons Out of Willy Miniatures

751 days ago 1

Willy Miniatures were recently successful in funding a full team of Amazon players for fantasy football and have now released that team onto the pitch.

The Crowd Cheers for Willy Miniatures’ New Human Star Player

781 days ago 4

A new human Super Star Player is getting ready to head out from Willy Miniatures and take to the football pitch.

Raise A Glass With Willy Miniatures’ Bloodweiser Babe!

785 days ago 4

See what you think of the next bit of endorsement coming your way on the Fantasy Football pitch as the Bloodweiser Babes get ready to toast your victory or maybe help drown your sorrows in defeat.

Willy Miniatures’ Goblin Wizard Brings a Mischievous Bit of Magic

814 days ago 3

Willy Miniatures are bringing out a truly magical miniature, a Goblin Miniature complete with wizard robes and pointy hat.

Willy’s Amazon Team Kicks Off on IndieGoGo

870 days ago Comments Off

Willy Miniatures have launched a new IndieGoGo campaign to help bring the warrior women of the Amazon to the fantasy football pitch.

The Small & The Sultry Hit The Pitch From Willy Miniatures

873 days ago 3

Willy-Miniatures are also hitting the Fantasy Football pitch this evening with some more players you might want to draft in next season.

Willy Start a Wardance on the Football Pitch

921 days ago Comments Off

Willy Miniatures latest star player has appeared, a wardancer whose dance moves are sure to transfer over well into brutal fantasy football.