An Elf Assassin Sneaks Onto Willy Miniatures’ Football Pitch

December 3, 2015 by dracs

Fantasy football pitches have always been dangerous places, but soon you will have to keep one eye on the ball and one eye behind you as Willy Miniatures prepare to let an Elf Assassin join the game.

Assassin Elf

Didn’t realise knives were legal on the pitch. Where’s the ref? Oh he’s dead? Never mind, then.

The sculpt shown here looks really cool, getting the sinister mystery we expect of fantasy assassins, along with a great sens of movement and grace.

Of course, it would be better if we could get another view of him, but I’m sure we’ll see more upon his release. In the meantime, the Elf Assassin could prove a valuable team mate, or even party member off the pitch as well.

Would you dare call a red card on Willy’s new player?

"Didn't realise knives were legal on the pitch. Where's the ref? Oh he's dead? Never mind, then..."