Wings Of Glory Unboxing: Hurricane & Stuka

July 18, 2017 by stvitusdancern

We’re back for some more Wings of Glory action with the Hawker Hurricane Mk. 1 and the Junkers Ju.87 B-2 squadron packs from Ares Games.

Wings Of Glory Unboxing: Hurricane & Stuka

The Hawker Hurricane is hailed as the hero of the Battle of Britain, accounting for 60% of the RAF air victories. The RAF also had a number of foreign nationals fighting alongside them including the 303 Polish Squadron who achieved the highest ratio of enemy aircraft destroyed.

The Junkers Ju 87, aka Stuka, had seen combat in the Spanish Civil War and was famous for it’s “Jericho Trumpet” which created their signature screaming wails as they dive bombed.

Which planes should John get next?