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Check Out WizKids Unpainted D&D Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures Range

37 days ago 14

WizKids has now announced their first batch of Unpainted Dungeons & Dragons miniatures, Nolzur’s Marvellous Miniatures, featuring monsters and heroes for use in your campaigns.

WizKids New D&D Storm King’s Thunder Miniatures Line Launches

183 days ago 5

A new Icons Of The Realm collection is now available for you to start snapping up from WizKids for your Dungeons & Dragons adventures. See what you think of their massive Giants and some smaller (yet mighty) heroes.

Wizkids Is Bringing D&D’s Rock Paper Wizard To Life

213 days ago 2

Wizkids is bringing out a new card based party game to bring out the wizard in us all.

Star Trek: Frontiers Board Game Now Available From Wizkids

267 days ago 5

Star Trek fever has hit Wizkids and they have released their new game Star Trek: Frontiers. Beam up to the action!

Weekender XLBS: Making A Gamehacker Toolkit & Learning Lessons From Campaigns

Weekender XLBS: Making A Gamehacker Toolkit & Learning Lessons From Campaigns

279 days ago 47

Warren breaks out his Gamehacker
Toolkit for bodging your games
and we delve deeper into
crafting Wargaming Campaigns.

WizKids Show Off A Giant New Miniature For D&D’s Next Adventure

283 days ago 3

WizKids are looking ahead to the release of Storm King’s Thunder, the next big adventure for Dungeons & Dragons and their massive miniatures.

Weekender XLBS: The Cult Of The New; Are People Playing Too Many Games?

Weekender XLBS: The Cult Of The New; Are People Playing Too Many Games?

356 days ago 87

Sit back and relax (maybe with an ASMR Video?)
and join us for The Weekender XLBS…

WizKids Post Previews Of Upcoming New Miniatures Line

360 days ago 13

Wizkids have given us a peek into their new line of unpainted miniatures coming quarter 4 of this year.

New Expansion Coming To WizKid’s D&D Dicemasters Game

437 days ago 1

WizKids have announced a new expansion for their Dice Masters game focused on Dungeons & Dragons. Faerun Under Siege will include a new Starter Set, new Collectors Box and a whole range of new foil packs for you to snap up and open hungrily looking for rare cards…

WizKids Announce New Spider-Man Dice Masters Set

534 days ago Comments Off

WizKids have announced their next expansion set for Marvel Dice Masters. The focus now is going to be on Spider-Man where you’ll not only get a new version of the web-slinger but also some of the Sinister Six and more…

Wizkids DC Comics Dice Masters War of Light To Be Released

611 days ago Comments Off

Wizkids expands their superhero universe with the upcoming release of Dice Masters’ DC Comics War of Light.

Marvel Dice Masters Age Of Ultron Now Available

616 days ago 1

WizKids new version of Dice Masters based on the (semi)recent Age of Ultron film in the Avengers series is now available to buy from your local stockist. New heroes, lovely dice and insane combinations await…

WizKids & Nickelodeon Team Up For TMNT Tabletop Games

660 days ago 8

During this year’s Origins Wizkids and Nickelodeon have reached an agreement to bring us more games.

Marvel Dice Masters Age Of Ultron Starter Set Spotted Online

676 days ago 4

WizKids have let slip the new Age of Ultron Starter Set for Marvel Dice Masters that is coming soon. It was spotted over on Sidekicks & Shields where they also talked about the new dice too…

Wizard Announces New Storyline For D&D In Fall 2015- Rage of Demons

688 days ago 4

Wizards of the Coast announced their next expansion for the D&D universe is headed our way this fall in Rage of Demons! Gamers will get to explore the Underdark in all gaming formats from traditional tabletop to computer gaming.