Micro Art Roll Out the Streets of Wolsung with Battle Mats!

June 11, 2014 by dracs

Micro Art Studios have just published a quick preview of one of the awesome little extras that they hope to make for Wolsung with the help of the upcoming Kickstarter: Battlemats!

Wolsung Battle Mat

Wolsung Battle Mat

These highly detailed mats will provide players with an instant, two dimensional layout of the streets of Lyonesse, providing you with a cool gaming surface on which to place your terrain.

From the looks of it, I would almost say that these mats could be used to game without any extra terrain, with the buildings already clearly marked out. However, a two dimensional tabletop is a bit dull, but this mat looks like it would combine perfectly with Micro Art’s existing range of Wolsung terrain.

Would you use this mat to start building the city of Lyonesse?

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