Wolsung Heads to IndieGoGo to Fund their Steampulp World

September 19, 2012 by brennon

The oddly fantastical world of Wolsung from Micro Art Studio where Pulp and Steampunk collide has headed over to IndieGoGo looking for help on the funding front…

Wolsung Skirmish Game

Wolsung is a Steampulp Skirmish Game set in the annuls of history were different varieties of club clash for control and adventurous gain. Unlike other games in this genre, it also features the likes of Dwarves and Elves too! It’s almost as if Shadowrun regressed back in time rather than heading forwards into the Cyberpunk future.

Inventors Club Starter Set

Ash & Oak Club Starter Set

The models are looking fantastic as always and they are a part of this IndieGoGo campaign. However, there is a lot more to do, from helping with creating the terrain and even the printing of the rulebook. If they surpass their goals they will make sure more clubs and even some expanded rules make it to the tabletop.

You can grab a pdf of the rules right HERE!

Take a look, see if the rules are for you and then consider pledging to this game.

What do you think of Wolsung?

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