Set Your Scene! Resin Terrain for Miniature Gaming Kickstarter

July 19, 2014 by deltagamegirl22

Worldsmith Logo

When your table needs detail, it’s nice to have some versatile terrain pieces to switch in and out- and I found a Kickstarter that offers just that!

Resin Terrain Base

Resin Terrain For Miniature Gaming by Worldsmith Industries, has a Kickstarter campaign going right now with a very cool line of terrain. They are offering a couple different types of terrain like large bases with interchangeable features as well as individual pieces that you can build a scene with.

Terrain slotted bases

I like different aspects of both avenues of this terrain. The large bases are cool in that they can quickly offer a polished look to your table. They are extra cool, because the large bases have slots in them for you to change out different elements for your piece- like trees, rocks, tombstones, etc. With this type of piece, you can dramatically change the look of your tabletop in just a few minutes, which is nice for keeping your favorite game new and fresh, or allowing the ability to use terrain in a different game all together without limiting its look.

Base inserts

The free standing pieces are also awesome, and are what I was particularly drawn too. There are stone wall segments that you can build your own fence lines with and there are wooden crates that you can use in single small pieces to add character to a scene or you could use in conjunction with the stonewall pieces to create fences.

Walls & Boxes

Cemetary Terrain

At the end of the day, this pretty cool stuff with very nice customization allowed and they are already funded with plenty of time to spare if you’d like to hop onto this Kickstarter. Excuse me while I log into PayPal.

How would you add these pieces add to your games?