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Wrath of Kings Unboxing: Honor & Treachery

Wrath Of Kings Unboxing: Honor & Treachery

33 days ago 12

Today we’re super excited to unbox some of the amazing Wrath of Kings models from Cool MiniOr Not. To start we’re looking through the Honor & Treachery Beginner Box.

Weekender: 4Ground's Epic Shopping Mall & Zombie Survival Prep Talk

Weekender: 4Ground’s Epic Shopping Mall & Zombie Survival Prep Talk

110 days ago 72

4Ground’s shopping mall gets us thinking survival plans whilst we talk about The UK Games Expo with the organisers and some amazing gamer swag from Cosy Dice!

VLOG: Building A Wrath Of Kings Table

VLOG: Building A Wrath Of Kings Table

112 days ago 46

CMON Hints At New Miniature For Wrath of Kings

191 days ago 5

Something wicked is coming from Wrath of Kings.

Weekender: Alessio Talks Labyrinth & Hunger Games + Tor Gaming's C'thu

Weekender: Alessio Talks Labyrinth & Hunger Games + Tor Gaming’s C’thu

362 days ago 50

It’s time for a jam packed Saturday
morning as we have an interview
with Alessio Cavatore about upcoming

Plus there’s a chat with Tor Gaming
about the progress of their C’thu
Kickstarter and we get stuck into
looking at some of the painting from
the community…

Arkazan Greatwing Reveals His Presence For Wrath Of Kings

365 days ago 12

CoolMiniOrNot have revealed another of the upcoming monstrous characters from the world of Wrath of Kings. See what you make of Arkazan Greatwing who is a mighty demon with the power of the Slayer Blades in his hands…

Weekender: Mantic's Ronnie Talks The Walking Dead Plus New GW Starter Sets

Weekender: Mantic Talks The Walking Dead Plus New GW Starter Sets

376 days ago 288

CoolMiniOrNot Announce Wrath Of Kings Starter Set

377 days ago 25

CoolMiniOrNot have announced that they are going to be producing a Wrath of Kings Starter Set which will be out from March 12th 2016. The set will be named Honour & Trechery: Battle For Ravenwood. See what you think of the two factions you get in the box…

Pack Master Kozakar Miniature & Stats Revealed

409 days ago 11

We saw the concept art earlier in the week and now the full model for Pack Master Kozakar has popped up from CoolMiniOrNot for Wrath of Kings. See what you think of his miniature and the stats for him too…

Go Hunting With Wrath Of Kings’ Packmaster Kozakar Preview

414 days ago 7

The Wrath of Kings team have shown off the artwork for another of their new characters coming soon…

Wrath of Kings Previews An Upcoming Release

489 days ago 12

Wrath of Kings has released a quick peek inside a new miniature coming soon, Gorbal the Rampager.

Get Your Gears On With New Steampunk Base Inserts From Brush 4 Hire

541 days ago 6

Wrath of Kings players can make their minis look even more awesome with the new steampunk bases inserts from Brush 4 Hire. These 2 level inserts allow you utilize the iconic imagery of gears while maintaining the functionality of your base.

New Unit Boxes Bolster Your Armies In Wrath Of Kings

595 days ago 11

If you’re looking for some soldiers and monster to bolster your army in Wrath of Kings then keep an eye out for these new sets that have been released…

CMON’s Latest Painting Contest Highlights Wrath of Kings

642 days ago 4

CoolMiniOrNot is hosting it’s latest painting contest for Wrath of Kings. Enter now for a chance at CMON merchandise credit or an exclusive Wrath of Kings/Kingdom Death crossover mini!

Faction Spotlight for the Nasiers from Wrath of Kings

660 days ago 12

Cool Mini or Not has released a video for the Nasier Faction for their game Wrath of Kings.