Loyal Warriors Of The Hold & Snarling Lycanfiends For Wrathborn

March 18, 2014 by brennon

The minds behind Wrathborn have been working away on the game and indeed the miniatures behind the scenes. As a bit of a taster on the miniature front we have an awesome look at a work-in-progress Warrior of the Hold and concept art for a Lycanfiend.

Warrior of the Hold

Weapon Options

I think this is a neat looking Norse inspired model that will most likely be adorning my board if I were to take up Wrathborn. It’s pretty hard to pass up the chance to play as some Viking-like warband on the tabletop. His axe is looking pretty epic too!

Wrathborn Lycanfiend

Looking to the future we have this piece of artwork on the Lycanfiends. It looks like a bit of a twist on the standard Wolf format and takes things in a new direction where they apply Lycan to a variety of different other breeds.

Encouraging signs!

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