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Popcorn Turner & Cooper Jones Bring Brewing Expertise To Malifaux


Wyrd Games have previewed two more of the Gremlins in the upcoming Backdraft Encounter Set. Popcorn Turner and his assistant Cooper Jones.

Wyrd Add More Monsters & Creatures To Malifaux In March


Wyrd Games has added some new characters and more to the world of Malifaux this month.

Wyrd Introduces The Gremlins’ Whiskey Gamin In Backdraft


The Gremlins of Malifaux will not be outdone as they’ve discovered the perfect little critters to smuggle their moonshine in Through The Breach. Check out the Whiskey Gamin in Backdraft, their latest story encounter box.

Wyrd Bring Eternal Punishment In The Form Of The Wanyudo


Wyrd Games have previewed another of The Undying box. This time they are taking something terrifying from Japanese folklore; the Wanyudo.

New Releases For Wyrd’s Malifaux Arrive


February brings forth some new monsters and characters for the world of Malifaux. See what Wyrd Games has set up for you…

Wyrd Games Raise Up The Graves Themselves As A Shambling Golem


Wyrd Games are continuing their look at the upcoming Undying box for Through the Breach and Malifaux. The Resurrectionists have learned a new trick as they raise up the tombs themselves to form a Grave Golem.

Wyrd’s Twisted Horror Has Its Eyes On You


Wyrd Games have previewed the Twisted Horrors, which will lurching along side the forces of The Cult of the Burning Man.

Wyrd Shows Off Minako Rei & Katashiro Of The Undying Box


Through the Breach is the RPG dive into Malifaux, from Wyrd Games, and they’re showing off the fantastic new Undying Story Encounter Box. This week, it’s a look at Minako Rei and Katashiro.

Wyrd’s Artillery Team Make A Boom In The Other Side


We’ve seen some of the troops the King’s Empire will be marching out in The Other Side, but for their latest preview Wyrd is bringing out the big guns. Literally.

Wyrd Take A Look At The Resurrectionists In The Undying Adventure Box


Wyrd Games are preparing to release The Undying, a new Story Encounter & Adventure Box for Through the Breach and Malifaux and have given us our first look at the Resurrectionists within it.

Speckled Crawlers Spring Out From Wyrd Games


For their latest Friday preview, Wyrd has shown off the most numerous of The Other Side’s Gibbering Hordes; the Speckled Crawlers.

Wyrd Shows Off Wild Rooster Rider For Upcoming Bayou Bash


A loose cannon Gremlin racing around a track on the back of a giant rooster? Why not!? At least that was Wyrd Games’ thought as they introduce us to the Rooster Rider for Wyrd’s upcoming racing game, Bayou Bash.

Mehal Sefari Protect Abyssinia In The Other Side


For their latest Other Side preview, Wyrd have shown off the defenders of the Abyssinian imperial line; the Mehal Sefari.

Wyrd’s Waldgeist Stretches Its Roots In Bayou Bash


Wyrd Games will soon be launching a new game in the Malifaux setting, Bayou Bash, and have just previewed one of its wacky racers.

Dead Or Alive, Alt-Lazarus Is Coming To Wyrd’s Malifaux


Wyrd Games have released an alternative take on one of their popular Malifaux mercenaries. The one-time guardsman, now killing machine Lazarus.

Wyrdscapes Terrain Emerges From The Malifaux Fogs


Wyrd Games have revealed more of their new terrain range Wyrdscapes, due to release this year.

Wyrd Gives First Look At Upcoming Racing Game Bayou Bash


Now there’s something you don’t see everyday! Wyrd Games is showing off the Bayou Bash Pig Rider for their upcoming racing game.

King’s Empire’s Royal Rifle Corps Join The Parade At The Other Side


Wyrd Games have previewed the pride of the King’s Empire in the battles of The Other Side; The Royal Rifle Corps.

The Other Side’s Yarazi Offer Air Support For The Gibbering Horde


Wyrd has shown us that not all of the Gibbering Horde hail from the sea. Check out the fiesty, little Yarazi as Wyrd talks a bit about their play style in The Other Side.

Festive Paint From Studio Giraldez On Wyrd’s Winter Wonderland Crew


If you were lucky enough to order a Winter Wonderland Crew from Wyrd this year, you’ll be extra excited when you see the stunning pro-painted set from Studio Giraldez! That tree!