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New Arcanist Kandara Makes Her Malifaux Debut

5 days ago 11

Wyrd Games have published a piece of concept art featuring an all new Arcanist for Malifaux, the multi-armed magician Kandara.

A Wyrd Lady Joins The Ranks For Malifaux’s Divergent Paths

34 days ago 4

Some interesting Wrydos are joining the steampunk world of Malifaux in the upcoming Divergent Paths book from Wyrd Games. The latest combines fame, and ill-famed in what’s sure to make for interesting gameplay as they switch things up.

Wyrd Games Show Off A New Face (Or Two) For Malifaux

39 days ago 2

Check out the “Divergent Paths” image from Wyrd Games and see if you can guess which side he’s on for Malifaux.

Wyrd Bring New Gunslingers & Basing Options To Malifaux In June

41 days ago 5

Wyrd Games are going to be bringing more Malifaux goodness to your tabletop in the month of June and that means plenty of craziness.

Wyrd Opens Playtesting For Book Five For Malifaux On May 10th

47 days ago 2

Do you play Malifaux, by Wyrd Games? If so, then you could have the opportunity to participate in some limited playtesting for new models for Book Five, starting May 10th.

Enter A Creepy Malifaux Ghost Town With Plast Craft’s New Color-ED Terrain

75 days ago 16

Plast Craft are wandering through a creepy ghost town of ruined buildings with their latest Color-ED releases for Malifaux.

See What May Brings To The Wyrd World Of Malifaux

76 days ago 14

May brings a new set of fantastic miniatures to the world of Malifaux which just continues to grow. There seems to be a theme of wild transformation about this coming month too from Wyrd so let’s dive in.

Wyrd Announces Two Exciting Upcoming Board Games

97 days ago 8

Wyrd is ramping up to set the Gremlins of Malifaux loose in a wild and crazy board game, as two new board games have been announced for future release from Wyrd Games.

Through The Breach Takes To The Bayou In The Newest One Shot

146 days ago 3

The next Penny Dreadful One Shot- The Hand That Feeds, is available now for Wyrd Games’ Through the Breach RPG. Explore the dangers of the Bayou in their latest tale.

Take A Look Ahead To Malifaux In March With Wyrd Games

153 days ago 10

Peering into the future of Malifaux the folks at Wyrd Games previewed what lies ahead for the various factions during March.

Wyrd’s Mass Battler, The Other Side, Enters Final Days On Kickstarter

158 days ago 11

Take a trip through the Breach to The Other Side in Wyrd Games’ latest project. The Other Side has entered it’s last days on Kickstarter and are showing off the outstanding quality of their preassembled minis. (yes, I said preassembled!)

Loads Of Malifaux & More At Adepticon This Year

161 days ago 2

All things Wyrd & wonderful are ramping up as Adepticon is getting closer. The Malifaux community has loads of great events planned for the con this year and plenty of demos for you to check out!

Weekender: Relic Knights Week Cometh & Win a Battle Foam X Pack!

Weekender: Relic Knights Week Cometh & Win a Battle Foam X Pack!

163 days ago 283

We’re back after a hard earned break to bring you more awesomeness from the world of tabletop gaming.

Plan Ahead & Take A Look At Wyrd’s February Malifaux Releases

165 days ago 10

Wyrd Games look ahead to February and show off what’s on the way when it comes to Malifaux. Let’s take a peek!

Prepare For A January Filled With Malifaux Awesomeness By Wyrd

178 days ago 9

While The Other Side Kickstarter is still running that doesn’t mean that Wyrd has forgotten about Malifaux. January brings a whole host of new releases for you to check out and help bolster your faction of choice.