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Your Pumpkin Carving Skills Could Win You Prizes From Wyrd


Wyrd Games is getting in the Halloween spirit with a good old-fashioned pumpkin carving contest. Carve a Wyrd theme into a gourd of your choice in their Get Gourd contest to win spooktacular prizes.

Wyrd Turn You Into A Commander For Through The Breach


Wyrd have stepped away from their miniature games for their latest preview to take a look at a new pursuit for the RPG Through The Breach. It’s time to take control as a Commander.

The Karkinoi Of Malifaux’s Coast Come To The Other Side


For their latest Friday preview, Wyrd have taken a monster from Malifaux’s coast and sent it to The Other Side as part of the Gibbering Horde.

Wyrd’s Monday Preview Shows Off The Medical Automaton


What could be more innocent than a robot nurse? Check out the Medical Automaton for the Arcanists of Malifaux, heading this way in Broken promises.

Abyssinia’s Electrocutioners Shock Wyrd’s Other Side


Wyrd have previewed the cutting edge of Abyssinian technology for The Other Side; the fearless Electrocutioners.

Take A Peek At Malifaux’s November Releases From Wyrd


We looked at what’s available for Malifaux this month from Wyrd Games, and now we move on to look at what’s coming in November for this awesome game.

October Welcomes New Eccentric Characters To Wyrd’s Malifaux


Wyrd Games has released some cool new models for the world of Malifaux this month beginning with the fantastic looking Nekima leading the way.

The Bayou Smuggler Is Sneaking Into Malifaux


It turns out the Bayou in Malifaux is full of earning potential, at least if you’re the Bayou Smuggler. Check out this “harmless businessman” in the Gremlin territory.

Wyrd Summon A Terrifying Breachling To The Other Side


For Wyrd’s latest Other Side preview, a creature has been summoned from the magic between dimensions; the terrifying Breachling.

Wyrd Launches Global Malifaux Campaign Homefront October 2nd


Get ready to represent your favourite faction in Malifaux in the next global campaign from Wyrd Games, launching October 2nd.

It’s A Doll’s Day At Wyrd As Hinamatsu Steps Onto Malifaux’s Stage


For their Monday Malifaux preview, Wyrd have unveiled one of the upcoming minis for Broken Promises; the jealous doll Hinamatsu.

Wyrd’s Grenadiers Fire Off A Volley To The Other Side


Wyrd Games have shown off their latest preview for The Other Side, the versatile Grenadiers of the King’s Empire.

Wyrd Piece Together The Malifaux Bone Pile


Wyrd Games have published their latest Malifaux preview, a Bone Pile pieced together from the Ressurectionists’ left overs.

Cute Critters & Monsters Coming To Malifaux This Month


Getting thrown into the mix for Malifaux this month we have a bevvy of awesome releases. This kicks off with the monstrous Cyclops from Wyrd Games…

Yan Lo Returns For Malifaux’s Monday Preview


Yan Lo, one of the first masters for the Ten Thunders to have appeared, is getting a new look in Malifaux with Wyrd’s latest art reveal.

The Abyssinian Dreadnought Stomps Over Wyrd’s Other Side


Wyrd have previewed the latest titan to come stomping over the fields of The Other Side, the Dreadnought of Abyssinia.

Don’t Follow Wyrd’s Adze Into The Light In Malifaux


Wyrd Games has another creepy looking creature to throw into the mix when it comes to your games of Malifaux. Here is a preview of the Adze…

A Slimy Grootslang Slips Into Malifaux


The latest preview for Malifaux has revealed a horrifying creature for the Neverbron; the slimy skinned Grootslang.

Abyssinia’s Lord Of Steel Flies To The Other Side


Wyrd Games have shown off a commander who will be leading the forces of Abyssinia in The Other Side; the master of fight and flight, The Lord of Steel.

The Charm Warders Ride Into The Ten Thunders Of Malifaux


If you’re looking for some amazing mystics for hire in Malifaux, then you need to have a look at the Charm Warders of the Ten Thunders. This troublesome twosome are headed this way in Broken Promises, the latest Malifaux book due out next week at Gen Con.