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A Slimy Grootslang Slips Into Malifaux

8 days ago 3

The latest preview for Malifaux has revealed a horrifying creature for the Neverbron; the slimy skinned Grootslang.

Abyssinia’s Lord Of Steel Flies To The Other Side

9 days ago 3

Wyrd Games have shown off a commander who will be leading the forces of Abyssinia in The Other Side; the master of fight and flight, The Lord of Steel.

The Charm Warders Ride Into The Ten Thunders Of Malifaux

15 days ago 1

If you’re looking for some amazing mystics for hire in Malifaux, then you need to have a look at the Charm Warders of the Ten Thunders. This troublesome twosome are headed this way in Broken Promises, the latest Malifaux book due out next week at Gen Con.

Fenton Brahms Arrives For The Cult Of The Burning Man

16 days ago 1

Wyrd Games has been sharing stories of the characters from their mass battle game on The Other Side of the Breach in Malifaux. This week, we’re introduced to Fenton Brahms of The Cult of the Burning Man.

Two Wyrd Teasers This Week For Malifaux & The Other Side

21 days ago 7

Just when you thought the Gremlins of Malifaux couldn’t get any Wyrder…enter Gautreaux Bokor. If The Other Side is more your style, have a look at the stunning, Margaret Belle, of the King’s Empire!

A Creepy New Gravedigger On The Way For The Resurrectionists

28 days ago 4

Something creepy is on its way for the Resurrectionists of Malifaux. This week Wyrd Games is showing off the brilliant art for the Gravedigger.

Take A Look At What’s Coming For Malifaux In August

32 days ago 4

Malifaux is getting some great new releases in August as well as, of course, what’s coming to Gen Con this year too. Here’s a look ahead to next month.

A Sly Guild Investigator Is On The Way For Malifaux

35 days ago 2

The lawmen of Malifaux are getting a new addition in the upcoming Broken Promises from Wyrd Games. Check out the rather questionable motives of the Guild Investigator!

Wyrd Let The Cat Out Of The Bag For Their Nightmare Edition Box Set

43 days ago 7

For this week’s Monday preview, Wyrd have revealed their next Nightmare Edition Box Set. Check it out, but be careful. Curiostiy Killed The Cat.

Wyrd Games To Deliver New Book For Malifaux At Gen Con

48 days ago 2

The steampunk world of Malifaux is about to get even more interesting as Wyrd Games launches a new book at Gen Con! Broken Promises will not only add new characters to the game- your existing Masters will get some pretty sweet upgrades too.

A Massive Cyclops On The Way For The Neverborn Of Malifaux

50 days ago 4

The Neverborn of Malifaux are getting a new mini, though there’s nothing “mini” about him. Have a look at the fantastic new art for the Cyclops?

Great Opportunity To Get In Touch With Your Inner Malifaux Wyrdo

56 days ago 1

Have you been thinking about making the leap over into the creative world of game design? Wyrd Games is on the hunt for a full time game designer, and is offering a fantastic opportunity for the right enthusiastic individual.

New Arcanist Kandara Makes Her Malifaux Debut

63 days ago 11

Wyrd Games have published a piece of concept art featuring an all new Arcanist for Malifaux, the multi-armed magician Kandara.

A Wyrd Lady Joins The Ranks For Malifaux’s Divergent Paths

92 days ago 4

Some interesting Wrydos are joining the steampunk world of Malifaux in the upcoming Divergent Paths book from Wyrd Games. The latest combines fame, and ill-famed in what’s sure to make for interesting gameplay as they switch things up.

Wyrd Games Show Off A New Face (Or Two) For Malifaux

97 days ago 2

Check out the “Divergent Paths” image from Wyrd Games and see if you can guess which side he’s on for Malifaux.