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Enter A Creepy Malifaux Ghost Town With Plast Craft’s New Color-ED Terrain

129 days ago 16

Plast Craft are wandering through a creepy ghost town of ruined buildings with their latest Color-ED releases for Malifaux.

Through The Breach Takes To The Bayou In The Newest One Shot

200 days ago 3

The next Penny Dreadful One Shot- The Hand That Feeds, is available now for Wyrd Games’ Through the Breach RPG. Explore the dangers of the Bayou in their latest tale.

Loads Of Malifaux & More At Adepticon This Year

216 days ago 2

All things Wyrd & wonderful are ramping up as Adepticon is getting closer. The Malifaux community has loads of great events planned for the con this year and plenty of demos for you to check out!

New Penny Dreadful One Shot From Wyrd On DriveThru RPG

411 days ago 1

Now you can explore Wyrd Game’s Through the Breach RPG through the eyes of the Ten Thunders in their latest Penny Dreadful One Shot, Honor Among Thieves. You can pick up these quick and easy One Shots At DriveThru RPG to hop right into a game.

Into The Bayou Brings A New Pursuit Into Through The Breach

488 days ago 0

The Through The Breach RPG world of Malifaux from Wyrd Games is getting an expansion, Into the Bayou. Here players will get to explore the swamps of the Bayou and create their own Gremlins!

The Latest Wyrd Penny Dreadful Is Available For Through The Breach

640 days ago 0

Something Dreadful has been happening in the orphanage. Drop into the latest Penny Dreadful One Shot, Bad Blood, for Wyrd’s Through the Breach and see if you can discover secret behind the disappearance of the children.

Wyrd’s Monday Preview Shows Off “Bully” For Through The Breach

663 days ago 0

Sometimes words will do the trick, and other times you might need someone to crack some skulls. Bully is Wyrd’s answer to your problem with a real “hands on” approach to your dealings in Wyrd’s Through the Breach.

A Wyrd Malifaux Q&A With Game Designer Aaron Darland

A Wyrd Malifaux Q&A With Game Designer Aaron Darland

663 days ago 10

Dawn has had a chance to get inside the
mind of Wyrd game designer, Aaron Darland,
to discuss all things Wyrd. Follow along
and learn about the world of Malifaux from
one of Wyrd’s finest.

New Penny Dreadful One Shot – Night Of The Carver From Wyrd

689 days ago 0

Things tend to get a little Wyrder in Malifaux as it draws nearer to All Hallow’s Eve. Explore the dark side of Malifaux and the murderous night in October in the latest Penny Dreadful One Shot- Night of the Carver.

Wyrd’s Ghost Eater Harnesses Unimaginable Power In Through the Breach

691 days ago 0

Have you ever wanted to harvest the power of a soul stone without the stone? Wyrd’s latest Pursuit in Through the Breach, the Ghost Eater, is able to harness the power of a soul and keep it to himself. How interesting!

A Grim Feast Discovered In Wyrd’s Through The Breach

719 days ago 1

The upcoming expansion for Through The Breach, Under Quarantine, has the spotlight on the Resurrectionists. Their “special diet” offers freakish buffers that can undeniably make a devastating difference to game play.

Wyrd Set To Launch Worldwide Malifaux Event

729 days ago 3

Wyrd Games have announced that they’re going to be running a worldwide campaign for both Malifaux & Through The Breach called Nythera. As well as telling a story the winning factions will get to decide upcoming special models…

Wyrd Highlights Under Quarantine Expansion For Through The Breach

740 days ago 4

Gamers that enjoy the Malifaux RPG, Through the Breach, will be excited to hear of the latest preview from Wyrd Games. A new expansion is on the way in Under Quarantine, an expansion that will focus on the Ressurectionists.

Even More Malifaux Goodies Coming To Gen Con 2015!

767 days ago 13

Wyrd have shown off even more of the models coming out this year with a big focus on those that will be appearing at Gen Con for early release. With that in mind lets waste no time and dive in as there is quite a lot to check out…

The Brotherhood of The Rat Enters Malifaux Through The Breach

768 days ago 8

Wyrd’s latest preview is a look into the sewers of Malifaux in the Brotherhood of the Rat set. Playable in both Through the Breach and Malifaux, this set offers the best of both worlds!