Fantasy Flight Take A Closer Look At New T-70 X-Wing

September 8, 2015 by brennon

Fantasy Flight have given us a closer look at the T-70 X-Wing from the new Force Awakens Starter Set which should be launching in the next few weeks. Of course this new fighter comes with new upgrade cards and characters that can fly them into the fray…

T-70 X-Wing & First Order TIE

The new X-Wing has some really interesting upgrades and while the additional droid, BB-8 and other upgrades help the real addition to the ships capabilities is the manoeuvring options it now has like the Tallon Roll.

Poe Dameron Character

The Tallon Roll is a movement option on your dial which can fool your enemies. When you would normally dart behind an enemy to fly away this allows you to roll the X-Wing and then face your enemies. Effectively it allows you to get that shot into the rear of your enemy while they weren’t looking.

X-Wing Upgrades

Of course Poe Dameron (pictured in the cards above) is the awesome character making his way into the game too and he comes with abilities that help him recover from the deadly new movement options like the Tallon Roll. Wired allows him to focus on the matter at hand and re-roll dice if needs be.

This new set is looking great and for anyone who thought the X-Wing was outclassed, I think these upgrades give it the edge.

What do you think?

"The Tallon Roll is a movement option on your dial which can fool your enemies..."