Start Decimating In X-Wing With The VT-49!

August 13, 2014 by brennon

With Star Wars Armada bringing a lot of peoples attention back to X-Wing (as if it ever went away…) Fantasy Flight Games have shown off the preview for the VT-49 Decimator!


Decimator Components

The Decimator is a deadly Imperial craft that comes with heavy laser cannons and also features a 360 degree turret for firing at ships that try and surround it. As described on the preview its a ‘blunt instrument’ that has no subtlety to it what-so-ever. This thing charges into battle, takes the brunt of the damage and then dishes it out in equal measure.

It’s a very cool looking ship as well which is always good to see. It’s not just the Rebels that get fancy looking spacecraft!

Will you be picking this up?